On the eve of an official visit to Russia and the 24th regular meeting between Chinese and Russian prime ministers, Premier Li Keqiang received a written interview from Russia’s Tass news agency, which attracted widespread attention from the international mainstream media. The visit coincides with the release of China’s economicRead More →

On November 16, the central bank released China’s monetary policy implementation report for the third quarter of 2019. According to the report, there are many favorable factors for China’s stable economic development in the future. China’s development is still in and will be in an important period of strategic opportunitiesRead More →

On November 3, the 2019 Shantou urban development forum, hosted by Shuangyue Bay, kicked off. Ma Guangyuan, a famous economist, deputy director of the Central Economic Commission of the people’s Republic of China and commentator of CCTV financial channel, was invited to attend the event and delivered a keynote speech.Read More →

The intelligence threat China poses to the United States is more serious than any other country. “” China is fighting a war against the United States. “The alarmist comments come from the mouth of Christopher Leigh, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These remarks in the United StatesRead More →

According to data from the Ministry of education of China, since 2017, the number of Chinese students studying abroad has reached 608400, an increase of 11.74% year on year, maintaining the status of the world’s largest source country of foreign students. In 2017, the number of returned overseas students increasedRead More →