The Hongye Valley Ecological Cultural Tourism Zone is located in the southern mountainous area of ​​Jinxiuchuan Township, Licheng District, Jinan City. The planned area is 4,000 acres. The center of the planned area is about 4 kilometers from Jinxiuchuan Reservoir and 33 kilometers from the urban area. It can beRead More →

Beijing World Park is located in Fengtai District, Beijing, covering an area of ​​46.7 hectares. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, one of the top ten tourist attractions in Beijing, a first-class and first-class park in Beijing, and a top ten boutique park in Beijing. The park brings togetherRead More →

Shenzhen Children s Park is located on the southwest side of the Yayuan overpass in the bustling downtown area of ​​Luohu. It is bordered by Dongmen Middle Road in the east, Tongle Road in the south and west, and Sungang East Road in the north. It has three gates: east,Read More →

Ciqikou of Guzhen is located in the suburbs of the urban area, facing Jialing River in the east, Shapingba in the south, Tongjiaqiao in the west, and Shijingpo in the north, covering an area of ​​1.18 square kilometers. There are Ma anshan in the town. Among them, Jin Bishan crouchesRead More →

Eling Lake and Zhaling Lake are both the largest pair of freshwater lakes in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, also known as the Eling Sea and anciently known as the Baihai Lake. Tibetan means blue long lake. It is located in the western structural depression of Maduo County,Read More →

Over the past few years, both rowing and paddling skills have improved in rapids. Although the principles are the same, the technology differs between the two types of rafts: single paddle boats and paddle-propelled boats. A scull boat is a boat operated by one person equipped with a fixed rackRead More →

Rafting-Location: Luohe River, Yanqing County The Luohe River has a total length of 15 kilometers, an average water depth of 1.5 meters, and a maximum drop of 1 meter. The Luohe River is known as the East Rhine River. There is no pollution or man-made damage here, and the originalRead More →