A habeas corpus is an important means of protecting personal freedom under national law. When the victim cannot apply for objective reasons, the relatives, friends, or other organizations of the victim can apply to the court. So who or unit can apply for the habeas corpus on behalf of theRead More →

The main forms of general meritorious service are: reporting and exposing others criminal behavior and verifying it; providing important clues so that the judicial organ can detect other cases; assisting the judicial organ in arresting other criminal suspects; stopping criminal activities of others while in custody, and many more. TheRead More →

According to China s relevant laws, criminals who have both surrendered and performed meritorious commutes are statutory commutations. However, commutations are not simply superimposed. Instead, sentencing is based on factors such as meritorious acts and surrender. Article 67 [Summary] An automatic surrender is made after committing a crime. Those whoRead More →