China Overseas Network, December 6. According to the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar, the Balingkang seminar has recently opened at Bali International Vocational College. The purpose of the seminar was to use Balingkang as a clue to explore and organize the history of ancient Bali and China exchanges and toRead More →

I. Tax Benefits: Foreign-invested enterprises are temporarily exempted from urban land use tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and local education surcharge. 2. VAT discounts: If foreign-funded enterprises drive local economic development, especially in the suburbs of Shanghai, and increase local local financial resources, the local government willRead More →

Whether it is Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year, marriage, advancement to school, building completion, store opening, etc., as long as it is a joyous event, people are used to celebrating with firecrackers. This custom has been in China for more than 2,000 years. Jingchu Chronicles once recorded that whenRead More →

In ancient China, a system of permitting divorce, authoritative divorce, and restricting divorce was implemented. Reflected in the method of divorce, it is mainly giving wife, supplemented by righteousness, harmonious divorce and suit for divorce under certain conditions. Wives system Widowhood, that is, a man s forced divorce, is theRead More →