Four Great Inventions of Ancient China: Compass, Papermaking, Gunpowder, Printing The Invented Dynasty: Tang Dynasty Inventor: Chinese working people Type printing: Bi Sheng Printing originated from the Tang Dynasty and was invented by the working people of ancient times. It was used in the middle and late period of theRead More →

What are the requirements for foreigners to register Chinese companies? For example, foreign Chinese registered companies in China, is this company a foreign company? Then we must first clarify the concept of foreign companies: investors are overseas institutions or individuals (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) Therefore, the above companiesRead More →

The Tang Dynasty was inherited from the Sui Dynasty, and the chaotic Southern and Northern Dynasties were replaced by a unified and centralized country. Ancient Chinese civilization, including politics, economy, culture, and society, reached unprecedented heights in the Tang Dynasty. The arrival of the two epochs of the rule ofRead More →