The principle of territorial jurisdiction is the oldest and most basic principle of international law in the exercise of national jurisdiction. Unless it involves diplomatic disputes, violations in that country will be handled in that country. This is how the extradition regulations come to be. Current cybercrime is defined accordingRead More →

The long primitive society was the budding period of dance. It formed with the emergence of primitive beliefs, and gradually divided into several categories such as totem dance, witchcraft dance, and sacrificial dance. By the end of primitive society, dance was already a mature art form. This is manifested inRead More →

Apply for handling in the unit, and let the unit be responsible for the consultation and communication with the Social Security Bureau. Interim Measures for foreigners employed in China to participate in social insurance These measures are formulated in accordance with the social insurance law of the people’s Republic ofRead More →

In addition to the basic materials such as valid foreign passport, health certificate, foreign criminal record certificate, foreigners applying for permanent residence in China shall also submit the following materials. (1) Investment personnel 1. Duplicate of business license of enterprise legal person; 2. A copy of the approval certificate ofRead More →