Analyzes the future development of Shantou under the great changes of China’s economy

On November 3, the 2019 Shantou urban development forum, hosted by Shuangyue Bay, kicked off. Ma Guangyuan, a famous economist, deputy director of the Central Economic Commission of the people’s Republic of China and commentator of CCTV financial channel, was invited to attend the event and delivered a keynote speech. This paper analyzes the current situation of China’s economic environment, predicts the trend of economic development and the future development of Shantou under the great changes.
For 2019, Dr. Ma Guangyuan believes that the investment logic is changing. First, the global monetary policy tightening is over, and asset prices are breathing; second, the emerging market stock market and real estate market are likely to usher in opportunities; third, gold and commodities are likely to usher in rare investment opportunities; fourth, Geopolitics will replace trade conflict as the main risk in 2019. On the whole, the biggest difference between this year and 2018 is that investment can be made this year, real estate and stock market have certain investment opportunities, and everyone should do a good job in personal asset allocation according to their actual situation.
The key words of the real estate market in the second, third and fourth line of 2019 are “change”, and the goal of the real estate policy is “stability”, which includes stable house price, stable land price and stable expectation. Ma Guangyuan believes that in 2019, the price of the first tier cities and some hot cities will face insufficient kinetic energy of rising, and the probability of consolidation or even adjustment is high. The future investment opportunities will be concentrated in the second to fourth tier cities, which are characterized by a large net inflow of population, the overall housing price has not reached a high level, the urbanization process is still in the rising stage, the transformation of the old and new urban areas is expected to be large, and the value of the city center is not clear.

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