Beijing Yunju Ski Resort

Yunju Ski Resort is located in Zhangfang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, covering a total area of ​​800,000 square meters. Adjacent to the ancient temple of the millennium—Yunju Temple, nestled in the embrace of the towering Taihang, it is a blessing place called Taihang surrounded, Buddha light shines. It is 60 kilometers away from Beijing City and 50 kilometers from Nanyuan Airport. The surrounding area is adjacent to Jingyuan Railway and Jingshi Expressway. High-grade highways pass through the front of the ski resort and are unique to Beijing ski resorts.

The natural ecological coverage of Jinyunju Ski Resort is as high as 95%. The scenery here is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant. Ascending the summit, looking north from the opening of the city plate-like retaining wall outside the coffee house, the spire of Yunju Temple seems to be within reach. The majestic Taihang Qunfeng embellished with cypresses resembles a row of soldiers running through the army. Winter skiing, spring in the green, summer in the grass, autumn picking makes this place another ideal ice snow fitness and tourist resort in the suburbs of Beijing.

Jinyunju Ski Resort is the only ski resort in North China that uses surface water to make snow, which fully reflects the era concept of corporate environmental protection, and has received strong support and full affirmation from the government and all walks of life.

The Yunju ski resort is located in a natural valley valley shielded by mountains. The unique geographical environment makes it a natural haven and forms a microclimate. The temperature of the ski resort in winter is 5 degrees different from the urban temperature, and the natural snowfall will remain unchanged for a long time. The entire scenic area is silver-clad, unenchanted, showing the northern scenery. The ski resort has imported advanced snow-making equipment and snow-press vehicles imported from abroad, carefully crafting excellent snow quality for ski enthusiasts, making your trip to Yunju more pleasant.

Yunju Ski Resort has 8 advanced, intermediate, and junior ski slopes. It has opened junior, intermediate, and advanced ski slopes. There are 6 snow trails. The total length of the ski slopes is 5,000 meters, the average width is 45 meters, and the maximum drop is 98 meters. The slope is 25 degrees. The layout of the ski slopes is reasonable and compact. Among them, the two ski slopes are Izumo and Feixian, with a total length of 1600 meters and a slope of 25 degrees at the top of the peak, which meets the standards of domestic advanced ski slopes. The tops of the peaks come down from both sides, and two beautiful arcs are drawn in the scenic area, giving you the comfort and coziness of walking in the clouds. The two advanced ski trails of more than 1,000 meters will be built next year and will become your biggest expectations. The silver light on Yunju Lake is a paradise for skating and ice gyro lovers and a playground for children. In the summer, it has become a place long for ang lers.

Jinyunju Ski Resort has two four-seater chairlifts and five tows, so you can enjoy all kinds of ski tracks to bring you different joys. The spacious and bright ski hall can accommodate more than 3,000 tourists at the same time, and has 2,000 sets of brand new and used skis. Imported high-end snowmobiles will bring you the magnificent feelings of wearing forests and crossing snowy fields.

Dozens of lists, elite ski instructors, led by China s first world ski champion Guo Dandan, are waiting for your visit. The Dandan Ski School, which places equal emphasis on popularization, promotion and improvement of skills, is on the hot list. Here, tourists can not only appreciate the superb skills of top ski instructors, but also make their own skiing and competitive level improve rapidly.

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