Breaking into Indian: I have to be naked

The big truck ran through the virgin forest, and the road was bumpy. Our car stumbled for half an hour and finally arrived at Daturwara village.

The Indians in the village of Batuduwara are called Yamalabidites. About 200 people live in 6 large thatched houses, which are distributed around a football field-sized playground. There are two small thatched sheds in the center of the playground, which are places for collective activities in the village. We came to the small shed in the middle of the village and were stunned by the scene in front of us: the Indians in the village were naked, regardless of age or sex. The men are applying self- made paint to themselves, drawing various patterns. We were brought before an elder. This is the chief, said Cesar, the director of the Art Bureau of the Brazilian National Indian Foundation, who accompanied us. The chief is enthusiastic. You are now their valued guests, Sethell said. The chief talked to us, and other Indians came up to talk to us. Looking at them calmly, I felt a little embarrassed, as if they were wearing clothes, I was naked.

Make Indian women make-up Cesel is very active and attentive just like returning to her own home. He took us to a tent and asked an Indian woman to paint on our faces and arms. It is said that this is the most capable woman in the village. She has the ability to wear Yang in a hundred steps, which makes her a glorious guest. It was customary for me to go to the countryside, not only did she let me draw two graphics on my face, but she also made me draw two exaggerated fish on my arm. These patterns are so similar to the patterns on the pottery unearthed from the Banpo site in Xi an, China. I feel like I have returned to the primitive society. Seether looked at my pattern, straightened his thumb, and then said seriously: Oh, Mr. Wu, I forgot to tell you that this pattern will never be erased. What? I was shocked: how could be? They are good, but they can t be painted on the face forever. Seth saw me terrified, and quickly said, Fun for you to play, it will be gone in two weeks.

The three girls who sucked water, Sethle, pointed to a small river and said, Look, this is the Singu River, and the Indians here regard it as a river of gods. Sethell jumped into the river with a thump and I took care of it. Not so much, and went on wearing briefs. The water is neither cold nor hot, it is really comfortable. Suddenly, three girls walked along the path leading to the village. They were well-formed, naked, with buckets on their heads, talking and laughing, and they didn t notice that we were swimming. Sethle did not mean to evade, nor did the three girls mean to evade. Everything was so natural and ordinary. They buckets over their heads, graciously wading across the river in front of us, then put the buckets on the shore, began to paddling, swimming and playing. If they weren t alone, they would go ashore and apply soap to their bodies, rubbing them up and down, and then jumping into the water to rinse. The girls were so busy that they each filled a bucket of water and walked towards us with heads on their heads. I almost watched, standing still in the water for a long time. I dont know who shouted, and I didnt take a snapshot. I woke up like a dream, ran quickly ashore, picked up the camera and clicked, and the three girls did not look shy or shy.

A family of four. Close relatives do not get married. Cesel took me to the thatched shed where he lived. He told me that he recognized the parents of the family as his dad and was already a member of the family. After entering the grass shed, under the illumination of steam lamps, it was found to be as large as a volleyball court, with seven or eight hammocks tied to five or six pillars. Seth led me to his bed and said that the two pillars were specially used to entertain relatives and friends. Of course, visitors must bring their own hammocks. There is also a place covered by a white cloth in the corner of the shack. Saisel said that it is a secret room that every family has, mainly for women s childbirth and girls over 9 years old.. Pregnant women will stay in it for 6 months after giving birth to the first child; 3 months for giving birth to the second child; and only 2 months for the third child. In the village, all girls over 9 years old must be kept in a closed room for 6 years. They must not go out, and can only move freely until the age of 15. I let Cesar walk away and lay around in his hammock, which was quite interesting. There was quietness in the shack, and people were walking back and forth, but everything was so orderly. Suddenly, I noticed that there was movement in my neighbor s bed. When I looked closely, it turned out to be a naked girl with a child. I nodded to her kindly, and she smiled at me generously. Just then Cesel returned, and he introduced to me that this was the daughter of another village chief, married to this family as a daughter-in-law. It turned out that they were known to avoid getting close relatives to marry. No wonder they did not see a mentally retarded or demented child in the village.

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