Chagan Lake Nature Reserve

Chagan Lake Nature Reserve is a provincial nature reserve approved by the People s Government of Jilin Province in 1986. The area of ​​the protected area is 480 square kilometers, most of which are in the development zone.

The core area of ​​the reserve is located in Xindianpao, which is full of reeds. It is the main habitat of birds. The buffer zone is located north of Chagan Lake on the island of Sandia to the waters of Xindianpao. The production experimental area is located in Xinmiaopao and Curry Bubbles, water chestnut bubbles, and waters south of Sandwich Island, Chagan Lake.

There are 116 species of birds of 34 orders and 15 families in the reserve, accounting for 35.6% of the total number of birds in the province, of which 58 species of waterfowl belong to 13 families, accounting for 50% of the total bird species in this area. There are five species of white-naped cranes, white-headed cranes, and red-crowned cranes that belong to the national level Ⅰ protection; 12 species such as white swans, bird eagles, and gray cranes that belong to the national level Ⅱ protection.

With the continuous development of environmental protection work, the area of ​​tree planting and forestation in the whole region has increased year by year, vegetation has been restored, lake bank collapse has been treated, and the number of birds has also increased significantly. Chinese national ducks, white swans and other national key protected birds have been inhabiting and breeding in protected areas every year.

The Chagan Lake Mongolian Folk Village is located in the center of a tourist resort. It consists of 7 modern yurts and 10 traditional felt bags. Very national characteristics.

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