Changji Mingsha Mountain Tour Ticket and Scenic Spot Introduction

Changji Mingsha Mountain, Kazakh language is called Ai Aikumu, which means a desert with sound. There are five red ridged sand hills in Mulei Mingsha Mountain. The largest one is 500-600 meters in length and 50-70 meters in relative height. When the car approached the sand hill, there seemed to be a thundering horn sound from the sand hill, intermittent, high and low, suddenly like a string of melodious, suddenly like an iron riding a sudden.

When people slide down from the top of the sand mountain, as the yellow sand rolls, the sand mountain makes a vigorous, low-pitched sound, the sound of which is sharper and sharper, like a bomber flying over low altitude, enduring. If many people slide side by side, the roar will be deafening, and a crispy sensation under the legs, such as that caused by the vibration of a massager.

It is particularly interesting that from different positions on the sand hill, there will be different sounds of gliding, and the slip marks are fleeting, and they are immediately calmed down, which is amazing.

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