Changli Emerald Island Tourist Attractions

Changli Emerald Island is located at the southern end of Changli County s Gold Coast tourist area, on the east side of the coastal highway from Qinhuangdao to Jingtang Port, and 40 kilometers away from the Beidaihe beach in Hebei s famous scenic tourist area. There is a beautiful and magical island here.

If you accidentally climbed up the sandy mountain and jumped, the grove of locusts beneath the mountain was lush, just like the sadness inlaid on the golden sandy mountain. As early as the 1980s, experts from the Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have named this wonderful treasure land Emerald Island, and the nearby beach is called Golden Beach.

Jade Island, commonly known by locals as the Dayu, is surrounded by the Bohai Sea and the Qili Sea on three sides of the northeast and is a peninsula composed of fine yellow sand. Here the sand is fine, the Weishui, the water is clear, and the tide is flat. Under the reasonable development and protection of the tourism department in the area, it has not been polluted, and it is the best place for ecotourism. After you have fun with the sea water, walking up the sandy mountain, you can not only admire the wonderful scenery of Seaside Desert created by nature s magical axe, but also walk barefoot on the fine sand that is hot in the sun.

With the spectacular sand mountain, slipping sand seems indispensable. Sand skating, that is, taking a skateboard to slide down naturally from the top of a high sandy mountain. The skateboard is made of wood, bamboo, plastic and other materials. The tourist sits on the sandboard, holds both hands on the wall, and pedals at the front edge. Leaning forward, as the slope of the sandy mountain increases and the speed of the decline accelerates, the tourists suddenly feel the wind in their ears and rush to the bottom of the mountain in a blink of an eye. The tourists experience the excitement and pleasure in the moment of surprise.

In addition to the marvelous scenery of yellow sand, green forest, blue sea and blue sky, Emerald Island is also a kingdom of birds. There are as many as 68 species of nationally protected species here, and it is the main habitat and breeding site of the world rare bird black-billed gull. One. Moreover, according to estimates, Wenchang fish, known as living fossil by animal taxonomists, has a density of 1035 tails per square meter near the depth of 15 meters in the shallow sea around Feicui Island, which is one of the areas with the highest density of Wenchang fish in China.

The emerald island is called an island. Actually, it is not an island, not even a peninsula, or a beach, because a sand mountain hits the sea directly. One of the great things here is to slip into the sea from the sand mountain !

Emerald Island is in the southwestern part of the Gold Coast. It is administratively attached to Changli County, but is close to the Nandai River. Emerald Island In Changli County, 40 kilometers southwest of Beidaihe, a tourist resort, there is a peninsula composed of golden fine sand on three faces of the sea. The sandy mountains on the island are rolling and staggered. Ascending the distance, the green locust trees are as fascinating as the emeralds inlaid on gold. They have been named the Emerald Island by experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences who have visited here many times.

In 1990, Emerald Island was approved by the State Council as a national marine type nature reserve. In addition to the beautiful scenery of yellow sand, green forest, blue sea and blue sky, it is also a bird kingdom. More than one-third of the bird species in China live here freely, and it is also the main habitat and breeding ground for the world s rare bird, the black-billed gull. The zoologist is known as the living fossil of Wenchang fish, with a density of 1035 per square meter near the 15-meter isobath in the shallow sea, and the number is considerable.

At present, this place has been opened to tourists with national approval. Sightseeing the magic of the Jingdong Great Desert; seeing the shooting scene of the movie Desert Chasers, the momentary thrilling experience of surfing in the sand; going to the net to enjoy the harvest of the fishermen; paragliding to enjoy the comfort of the sea and the sky Swimming and chasing the waves; playing beach volleyball and jumping briskly, the glory of playing beach football into the net; and the deliciousness of picnic birds and seafood.

Hangzhou take 1036 times, 1368 times, 1344 times to get off at Tanggu Station, or fly to Tianjin, then take a bus to Jingtang Port, and take a boat to Emerald Island.

60 60 kilometers from Qinhuangdao, take route 34 to Beidaihe, and then take a bus to Feicui Island, located on the east side of the coastal highway from Qinhuangdao to Jingtang Port, there are road signs along the way. The road along the Gold Coast is very easy to walk. There are more than 5,000 meters of dirt roads leaving the main road towards Emerald Island.

I didnt eat it at Emerald Island. You can consider barbecue there for dinner. If you want to eat seafood, go to Beidaihe Seafood Stall, because there is only a port in Beidaihe nearby, and all the fish you get are transported from there.

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