Chashan Huahai Ecological Tourist Area

Chongqing Rape Flower Grand View Garden is located on Yuwu Road, 10 kilometers away from Dianjiang County. The tourism facilities in the park are complete, and tourist roads are in all directions. There is a boundless and gorgeous acre of rapeseed flowers; there are several scenic spots such as Grape Creek, Wanfenghuan, Zuihuaxie, Xizhuyashe, and the Gold Coast; there is a parking lot of 3,000 square meters; there is a capacity of 200 The observation deck for more than 20 people; there are 20 farmhouses integrating catering, entertainment and accommodation, which can receive 3,500 tourists every day.

In May 2000, Chongqing Linong s No. 1 Leading Company settled in Shaping Town, Dianjiang County, Chongqing City. It leased 10,000 acres of land in Libai Dam, Hongqi Dam, Huangjia Dam and Yaojia Dam. It is a national 863 scientific research project. Professor Li Gana of Southwest Agricultural University carefully studied and cultivated, and included 10 excellent varieties of Chongqing s 10 million industrialization projects- Yuhuang No. 1 yellow seed rapeseed, to build the largest high-quality rapeseed production base in Chongqing. Every March in the spring and spring, rape blossoms compete to open up, looking at the wild, a golden field, forming a spectacular sea of ​​flowers of 10,000 acres, a bee dish in the flower sea, the flowers are intoxicating, the spring wind is blowing, the golden waves are rolling, the waves are rushing. The Shaping Town Government and the people of Shaping have made use of this unique and advantageous resource to build a rural ecological leisure touri sm sacred place in Chongqing-Rape Flower Grand View Garden.

Dongdong Yincha Mountain is located in Dongyin Mountain, Shaping Town, Dianjiang County, next to Danda (Jiang) Da (Bamboo) Road, 18 kilometers from Dianjiang County. There are now more than 5,000 acres of tea trees planted in the scenic area, and Dongyin green tea, Biluochun, Maofeng and other teas produced are well known. The scenic spot integrates tea planting, tea picking, tea viewing, tea tasting, and tea sales. It has a unique prison warning education theme and a tourist resort summer resort and strange stone forest. It is the best place to enjoy flowers in spring and fruit in autumn; cool in summer and cool in winter.

Dongyin Mountain has an altitude of 1,000 meters, and covers an area of ​​30 square kilometers. The climate is warm and humid, and the soil is alkaline, which is very suitable for planting tea trees. Over the years, Fuling Prison and local residents have planted more than 5,000 acres of tea trees through garden-style cultivation, forming a magnificent tea mountain. Seeing one after another at a glance, it not only has unique natural scenery, but also a natural oxygen bar. Now Fuling Prison has been relocated, leaving well-equipped houses and roads. The unique natural scenery and perfect infrastructure make this place a unique place for warning education and sightseeing.

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