Chengde Mountain Resort Tickets and Tourist Attractions Introduction

Chengde Mountain Resort, also known as Chengde Lige or Rehe Palace, is the largest royal garden in China. The villa was built mainly to consolidate the unity of the multi-ethnic country and to resist the expansion of Tsarist Russia. It is one of the important palaces of Qing emperor s annual north tour.

Laoshanzhuang was built in the 42nd year of Kangxi (1703), and it took 87 years to complete. The villa is divided into two parts, the palace area and the garden area. The garden area is divided into the lake area, the plain area and the mountain area.

Qianggu District: This area is located in the south of the villa. There are four groups of buildings: Zhenggong, Songhezhai, Wanli Songfeng and Donggong. The main palace is divided into two parts, the front and the back, according to the feudal ritual system. The main hall of the former dynasty is the Anjing Jingcheng Hall, all built of Nanmu. When the emperor of the Qing Dynasty was at the villa, major ceremonies were held here. Sizhi Book House is a place to rest and change clothes before the Qing Emperor s Ceremony, and to usually call on ministers and handle government affairs. There are mainly Yanbozhishuang Temple and Yunshan Resort Tower in the back of the bed. Yanbo Zhishuang Palace is the emperor s palace, with a throne in the middle ; Xi an Pavilion is the emperor s bedroom with a secret road behind the bed; Dong an Pavilion is the place where the emperor and the minister discuss state affairs. The Yunshan Resort Tower is the place where the emperor watched the lake and mounta ins. It does not have stairs and uses a rockery as a path. The gate of the main palace is the Wanfeng Songfeng Hall. This is the Qing emperor s passage for reading and reading. The east side of the main palace is Songhezhai, which was originally used by the queen queen to live. Its shape is similar to that of the Xunqu Garden in the Summer Palace. The East Palace is in the eastern most part of the palace area. It was the place where the Qing Emperor held a banquet ceremony. It was unfortunately burnt down by the Japanese during the Anti-Japanese War.

Puyuan Scenic Area: The palace area is the lake area in the north, there are three islands in the lake, Huanbi in the west, Ruyizhou in the north, and the sound of the moonlight river in the east, all connected by dikes and bridges . Huanbi Island is quiet and elegant, originally the Prince s Reading Office. The northern part of the island Cailingdu is a ferry for the palace ladies to go to the lake to pick Ling. The ancient architecture of Ruyizhou is relatively concentrated. Among them , Yanxun Museum is the place where the former emperor established the main palace to deal with political affairs. Shuifang Bixiu is the place where Emperor Qianlong celebrated his mother s birthday. There is Qinglian Island to the north of Ruyizhou, and Yanyulou is on it . Along the north of Changhu, you can reach Wenjin Pavilion, one of the seven collections of Qing Dynasty.

From Wenjin Pavilion eastbound to the plain area. The Manshu Garden in the area is full of ancient trees, green grass, and a luxurious yurt in the center. It is a place for banquets and fun activities when the Qing Emperor came to the villa. From the south of Rehequan, you can reach Jinshan Island. Follow the lake to the south to Yuesejiangsheng Island, where the emperor reads, looks at the moon, and listens to the spring. Further ahead, you will reach the Water Heart Pavilion , which is an important passage between the palace area and the lake. Standing in the heart of the water, looking around is beautiful.

To the west and north of Sheshan Villa is a mountainous area, where the peaks are strange, the forest is lush, and the weather is very shady. It is 4-5 ° C lower than the urban area of ​​Chengde, so you can experience the summer heat here. There are also wonderful sights such as Stick Hammer Mountain and Toad Stone.

Scenic Small Potala Palace, Big Buddha Temple, Pule Temple and other scenic spots around the summer resort will also execute the peak season ticket prices, while Anyuan Temple and Puyou Temple will maintain the existing ticket prices.

Chengde Mountain Resort Yurt Resort Chengde Mountain Resort Yurt is a palace-style building with a complex structure and a large scale. The banquet of the royal yurt is the most solemn state banquet of the Qing Dynasty. The royal prince, Belle and Beizi here gave Shanghai wine, the leaders of various ethnic minorities on the border, and foreign envoys. The yurt resort (now a national two-star hotel) is located at the foot of Nanshan Mountain in the summer resort, and in the Wanshuyuan Scenic Area on the north bank of Rehe Spring. The building, the yurt is a standard double room, the building is for 3-4 people, the hotel has large, small, Chinese and Western restaurants, and the palace court meal and game, mainly Mongolian banquet, also has a commodity department, bar, karaoke Multi-functional song and dance hall, conference room, coach, tour guide, ticketing and other one-stop services.

Chengde Mountain Villa Hotel Chengde Mountain Villa Hotel was built in 1961 and is located 100 meters across from the largest royal garden summer resort in China. The building is a Soviet style surrounded by a garden courtyard. The hotel is unique in design, simple and elegant , and luxuriously decorated. It is located in the guest room and overlooks the beautiful scenery of the mountains and lakes in the summer resort. Chengde Villa Hotel is the city s largest tourist hotel with the largest scale and the earliest foreign investment. Over the past three decades, the Chengde Mountain Villa Hotel has been continuously invested and transformed. Now it has 192 three-star standard rooms and 8 standard luxury suites; 146 ordinary rooms and some popular rooms with a total of 886 beds. The hotel is equipped with 5 large, medium and small conference halls. There are 6 restaurants with various flavors, which can accommodate more than 1,000 people at the same time. Bars, restaurants, KTV rooms, sh opping malls, business centers, foreign currency exchange and other supporting services are complete. It is the best place to receive various tourist groups, large-scale conferences, business negotiations, and Chinese and foreign individual visitors. All service personnel of the hotel have undergone professional training and have good service quality. Chengde Shanzhuang Hotel has a branch in Beijing, which can accommodate more than 300 people at the same time, and provide one-stop travel services. The hotel also has a corporate international travel agency with independent corporate qualifications, which can receive various domestic and foreign tourism business services. It is currently hosting 23 tourist routes. Sincerely invite customers from all over the world and be satisfied in the villa. Chengde Villa Hotel will be waiting for friends from all walks of life at home and abroad with safe, comfortable, high-quality and thoughtful services.

The local specialties of Chengde include hawthorn, walnuts, chestnuts, flower rose cakes (court cakes), and Bazhen Royal Wine (made with palace secret recipes). In Chengde, you can enjoy the cultural relics, mountains and rivers, and taste the Qing Palace Imperial Meals and wild mountain games.

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