Chengdu aerial sports aerial photography Daocheng

Sichuan Online-West China Metropolis Daily News On May 2, Gao Ming and five other Chengdu aviation sports enthusiasts took five powered parachutes and took off from Daocheng County, nearly 4,000 meters above sea level. Local government departments confirmed that this is the first time people have conducted low-altitude flight and aerial photography in this place known as the last Shangri-La. Yesterday, the reporter found Gaoming, who had just returned to Chengdu. He was still immersed in joy, saying that he would go to fly again in September.

Lu Gaoming is a pilot of an aviation sports school in Taiping Temple. He now has more than 1,000 hours of flight time, and can perform aerobatics such as aerial flip-flops and trailing performances. Paramotor flying is equivalent to his business hobby. He said that Daocheng-Aden is known as the last Shangri-La. As an aviation enthusiast, he has always had a dream to see this beautiful land in the air. This idea was endorsed by his aviation club, and he decided to make an attempt during May 1st to let more people know about Shangri-La in Sichuan. When they posted on the Internet, they got a lot of responses from Chengdu citizens. Among the five first flight teams identified, in addition to three professional pilots such as Gaoming, one of the other two explorers was the head of a chemical company and the other was an employee of a securities company.

Indica City reached an altitude of 3980 meters. Because the air on the plateau is thin, the thrust of the engine can only reach two-thirds of the Chengdu Plain, which will cause great difficulties in taking off. Each pilot carried a paramotor parachute weighing 45 kilograms, and only took a quick run of 20 to 30 meters in the Chengdu Plain to take off smoothly. After reaching the plateau, the run-up distance was increased to 200 meters. Gao Ming said that the players started strength training after the Spring Festival, and will arrange 3 to 4 high-intensity football matches every week to train the players physical fitness and sprint ability. In addition, you must learn the knowledge of altitude flight and conduct simulation training. Although he had a paramotor flight in Shiqu County last year, Gao Ming was not sure about this flight: We have the attitude of trying, we can t guarantee that we can fly.

On April 30, a group of 15 of them departed from Chengdu and took a powered parachute imported from France to Daocheng. This powered parachute is specially designed for high altitude flight and is worth about 150,000 yuan, which is twice as expensive as a normal umbrella . They also printed the words Shangri-La My Home on the umbrella. In addition to five pilots, the expedition is also specially equipped with flight crew and logistics support personnel. On May 1st, at the Gaoer Temple Mountain, which was more than 4,000 meters above sea level, they planned to conduct a paraglider test flight. Unfortunately, the weather conditions were very harsh, and normal flight could not be guaranteed. The combat exercises had to end in failure.

10After 10 am, high winds usually occur on the plateau, which will affect normal flight. Gao Ming told reporters that plateau flight may encounter wind shear at any time in the air. Because the material of the parachute wing is soft, if the control of the parachute is not good and the wing is twisted, the parachute will drop rapidly, causing a safety accident. At 5 am on the 2nd of the month, they got up early and took their equipment and rushed to the big lawn 3 kilometers away from the county seat, where the terrain is relatively high and relatively flat, and it is a good place to take off.

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