Chongming Dongtan Nature Reserve

Chongming Dongtan Nature Reserve is located at the easternmost end of Chongming Island in Shanghai. It is adjacent to the mouth of the Yangtze River from the north to the south, stretches slowly to the east to the vast East China Sea, and is far from the north and south continents. Chongming Dongtan Reserve starts from Dongjiagang in the south, north to Beibayu port in the north, and is bounded by a dike built in 1968 in the west. It is bounded by the 3000m waterline outside the zero-meter line at Wujing in the east, imitating a semicircular channel Waters, land and beaches belonging to Chongming Island. It is located between east 121050-122005 and north latitude 31025- 31038.

Dongchongming Dongtan Reserve covers an area of ​​326 square kilometers and is a typical estuary wetland in the Yangtze River estuary. The area of ​​the natural reserve on the tidal flats outside the embankment is 265 square kilometers, including the tidal flats above Wujing s zero-meter line to 120 square kilometers, and the water area within 3,000 meters outside Wujing s zero-meter line to 145 square kilometers. The area of ​​the embankment mainly composed of artificial wetlands is 61 square kilometers.

Chongming Dongtan is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, in the middle of the eastern route of migratory birds migrating from north to south, and its geographical location is very important. Its biodiversity value is reflected in the diversity of species and the diversity of ecosystems. Dongtan has a vast tidal flat and is rich in benthic animals and vegetation resources. It is a distribution center for migratory birds during their migration and a wintering ground for waterfowl. Chongming Dongtan recorded 312 bird species and millions of migratory waterbirds. Among them , 4 species are protected at the national level and 43 species are protected at the national level. It belongs to 167 species of Sino-Japanese Migratory Bird Protection Agreement and 51 species of Sino-Australia Migratory Bird Protection Agreement. There are 12 species of waterfowl listed in the Red Book of China s Endangered Animals.

You can first take Shanghai Tourism Line 5 and transfer to Baozhen at Baoyang Pier (10 flights a day), then take the front line to Dongtan. It is also possible to go to Wusong Wharf, but there are only 4 boats a day: Wusong -Baozhen Ferry: 14 yuan / person, Baoyang Wharf to Baozhen (motorboat): 30 yuan / person

Chenjia Town is the largest crab market in Chongming and also the largest crab market in China. Most of the crabs in Shanghai come from Chenjia Town. There are more rare seafood here and the price is cheaper than elsewhere.

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