Chunhui Hot Spring Resort

Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort is a large hotel integrating hot spring, tourism and entertainment. It is located on the side of the Wenyu River with the reputation of the first river in the country s gate , and is close to urban areas and scenic areas, and the traffic is extremely convenient. The chaimmen wooden house, rockery waterfall, small bridge flowing water and the buildings with Japanese characteristics are reflected in the Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort, which is full of rustic and tranquil poetry.

We have a total of Superior Presidential Suite, Deluxe Suite and International Standard Rooms. The room has a characteristic outdoor soaking pool for private space. The room has domestic and international long-distance telephones, central air-conditioning, audio equipment, refrigerators and other modern equipment. There are three-star restaurants with different sizes and styles, Chinese and Western restaurants and banquet rooms. Famous chefs cook Cantonese, Beijing, Sichuan and Huai cuisine for you.

Chunlai Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort will enjoy high-quality and considerate service. Welcome you. In particular, the resort has a large indoor hot spring spa and the largest outdoor hot spring water park in Beijing. It is a national AA tourist attraction. Including more than 20 kinds of hot spring characteristic baths, water amusement programs, and more than 10 international advanced spa facilities such as water power, water waves, water bubbles, water columns, water jets, waterfalls, sprays, etc., let you enjoy the fun of hot springs.

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