Cicheng Ancient Town Tour Ticket and Scenic Spot Introduction

Cicheng, historically known as the Jiangnan Water Village, is a city of literature. Its history goes back to ancient times, and its ancient ruins are as brilliant as clouds. The cultural relics originally excavated from the Cihu site, Baziqiao site, Wuxing site, and Tangshan site discovered in 1986 have been researched. For more than 6000 years ago, Cicheng had human life and labor. From the sentence of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period (the ancient name of Ningbo) to the relocation of Cixi County in 1954, Cicheng has been a county town for more than 2,000 years.

The ancient town of Cicheng prides itself on four firsts: one is the Jinshi first, and from Tang to Qing, Cicheng has had 519 Jinshis. Among these Jinshis, there have been 3 champions, 1 second pick, and 3 flowers; Guanzhi Shang Shuhe has more than a thousand officials in various parts of the country.

The second is the first filial son. Since the Han Dynasty, there have been more than 30 filial sons (females) who have been exemplified by the emperors of the Han Dynasty. Among them, Dong An of the Han Dynasty and Zhang Wuze of the Tang Dynasty and Sun Zhihan of the Song Dynasty are the most famous. There are three filial ancestral halls of Dong, Zhang and Sun, so Cixi is also called Sanxiao Township. During the Republic of China, Cicheng Town was also called Xiaozhong Town. Therefore , the local customs and social virtues of Cicheng have a good tradition.

The third is the past number of academies and the current number of schools. From the establishment of Derun College in the Three Kingdoms to the Lanhu Academy in the Ming Dynasty, and now to Cihu Middle School, education has been a basic project in Cicheng, and a large number of calligraphy and painting have been cultivated. Home, writer, financier, industrialist, academician, professor, all over the country, even in many countries in the world, such as the China Morgan reputation, a unique contribution in the field of genetics, a famous author and cultural person Feng Jicai, The famous industrialist, Ying s chess rules , SYDX electric board code word vocabulary , big integer reading and other inventors Ying Changqi, etc., are all Cicheng people.

Twenty-four is the first place of interest. Within 1.5 square kilometers of Cicheng City, there are more than 100 temples, temples, viewpoints, altars, halls, halls, etc., and there are more than 30 former residences of celebrities. It has a long history and profound cultural heritage.

Judging from the unique wisdom and overall consciousness of the Chinese nation, the concept of the union of heaven and man and its derived feng shui science, there are many strange places at the 30 degree north latitude, such as the Bermuda Triangle on the Pacific Ocean and the Great Desert in Egypt. Pyramids, etc., Ci City, which is known as the first ancient county town in the south of the Yangtze River, is also in this position. Therefore, Ci City is a treasured land of fengshui , a land of great culture, flourishing style, and smooth weather.

Ningbo city, 14 kilometers away from Cicheng Town, is full of high-, medium-, and low-end hotels and restaurants, which provides tourists with a good accommodation environment, enabling tourists to play happily, without having to worry about being unable to find a good one after they are tired of playing A place to rest. Ningbo hotels are suitable for various consumption levels, including the five-star Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel, the four-star Ningbo Donggang Hotel, the three-star Golden Dragon Hotel, Ningbo Hotel, and the two-star Garden Hotel.

Wuci Town is located in the northwest of Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, 14 kilometers away from the city center. The bus lines passing through are 331, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, and 339.

331 Road Jiangxia Park Lingqiao West Kaiming Street New Street East Gate Steamer Pier Third Hospital Baisha Road Daqing North Road Nijiayan Pressure Saiyan Meilin Lezizhuangqiao Civil Administration Lock Factory East Shaoshan Village Shaoqian New House Old House Hongtang Zhenxiangyuan Blade Company Printing Factory Guanzhuang Fujia Geliqiao Cicheng Renmin Road Cicheng

Road 333, Gong Feng Village, Lian Qin Village, Wang Shan Village, Yejia Village, Zhujia Village, Yangchen Station, Yangchen Village, Henghetou Xiuren Middle School, Dujiaqiao, Cipu Bridge, Xinhua Village, Houyang Village, Zhapu Township, Zhujiayan Qianyang Temple, Jiangxi Hengshan, Fangcheng, Dalangjiaqiu City Qiu City Water Station Xiaolangjialin Jiafuda Blade Factory Pan Jiangjia Shangzhaiyang Yuanchen Xiejia Jiangbei Bridge Xinxing Village Shuangdong Road

Road 335 Cicheng, Cicheng South Gate, Cicheng Renmin Road, Gree Bridge, Fujia, Guanzhuang, Hongtang Middle Road, Hongtang Town Government, Hongtang Chenjia Lane, Hongtang Station, Old House, Former New House, Yantou Shao, Shangshao Village, Dongshao, Zhuangqiao Railway Station, Zhuangqiao Town, Lezizi, Meilin, Yasaiyan, Nijiayan, Jiangbei Traffic Police Brigade, Warehouse Road, Hongmei New Village, Second Bus Company, Yijiang New Village, Chang Hongtun Tunnel, Lujiacun (one-way station), Sangjia, Zhongxing North Road, Ivy League Town, Zhongxing District, Donghai Garden, Wangjiawan, Ningchuan Road, East Station

Route 336 Cicheng, Miaoshan, Miaoshan Middle School, Fangyan, Wuhu, Reservoir, Wulian, Yunhu, Jinsha Village Section Line: Cicheng, Miaoshan, Miaoshan Middle School, Sunjia, Xiejia, Penshan, Xi Tangtou, Wuxing Village

No. 337 Hospital, Xinma Road, Qinghe Hotel, Qinghe Community, Wantou Middle School, Zoo, Yaojiang Park, Education College, Shuangdong Road, Xinxing Village, Jiangbei Bridge, Xiejia, Yangshi Village, Ningbo Zhicheng School, Bus Automobile Training Center, Zhaojiayang , Hengfeng Village, Guanzhuang, Fujia, Geliqiao, Cicheng Renmin Road, Cicheng South Gate, Cicheng Station, Miaoshan, Guolangqiao, Miao Family, Erliu City, Guanqiao, Jingtou, Renmin Road, Sanqi City

No. 339 Third Hospital Baisha Road North Railway Station Rihu Park Taoyuan Community Qinghe Hotel Qinghe Community Wantou Middle School Canal Bridge Yaojiang Park Ningbo Education College Shuangdong Road Xinxing Village Jiangbei Bridge Xiejiayang City Village Ningbo Zhicheng School Bus Training Center Zhao Jiayang Hengfeng Village View Village Hongxing Village Fujia Jiatian Bridge Qingdao View Cicheng East Gate Dongshan Village Cihu Middle School 92602 Unit Cicheng Dongcheng Road

Wucicheng rice cake is a cake made of high-quality stem rice, which is a traditional famous product in Ningbo. Cicheng has a long history of producing rice cakes, with a history of thousands of years. According to legend, Wu Zizhen fought in Cicheng . Before he died, he said to his subordinates: If the country suffers and the people break the grain, you can dig three feet under the city wall to get food. After Wu Zi s death, his subordinates were surrounded by the Vietnamese army, and the city s food interruption has starved many people. At this time, when someone thought of Wu Zizheng, they went to dig the city walls and dug more than three feet deep. Sure enough, they digged many edible city bricks , namely rice cakes, and won the battle. It turned out that when Wu Zizheng built the city wall in Cicheng Governor, he had already made preparations for grain hunger prevention. From then on, every family in Cicheng made rice cakes every year , and they ate rice cake soup to commemora te Wu Zixuan. Cicheng rice cakes are as white as jade, smooth and moist, consistent in size, and cooked without stickiness, and are known for their high quality. In particular, Cicheng has many famous brand rice cakes, such as tower brand rice cakes, Feng Hengda rice cakes, Yi Mao rice cakes, and Ruyi brand rice cakes. Products are exported to Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, Australia and other regions and countries. Loved by foreign Ningbo gangs, with annual sales of more than 700 tons.

杨 The bayberry is a new species found in Cicheng, and has been initially confirmed by experts. Its color is bright, sweet like honey, containing shengjin, aftertaste. Not only is rich in nutrition, but also has cough and Shengjin, help digestion, diuretic kidney, diuretic, dehumidification and cold, Jieshu Sandy. This Myrica rubra is significantly larger than the common Myrica rubra. In addition to fresh food, fruits can also be processed into fruit juice, wine, dried fruit, candied fruit, canned food, etc. The shochu bayberry produced is a folk specialty in Ningbo.

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