Ciqikou Tourist Tickets and Scenic Spots

Ciqikou of Guzhen is located in the suburbs of the urban area, facing Jialing River in the east, Shapingba in the south, Tongjiaqiao in the west, and Shijingpo in the north, covering an area of ​​1.18 square kilometers.

There are Ma anshan in the town. Among them, Jin Bishan crouches to the left, Phoenix Mountain stands to the right, the three mountains look out, and the two valleys are deep. Fenghuang and Qingshui Shuangxi run side by side, the Jialing River runs from the north, the river is wide and the shore is wide, and the water waves are not exciting, it is a natural good lane.

Shi Zaixing Town started from the Song Dynasty Zongping period (998-1003 AD) to the Ming Dynasty and formed the commercial wharf at the intersection of water and land. It was extremely prosperous in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The ancient poems praised its prosperity.. There is a beautiful metaphor of Little Chongqing.

宝 Maanshan Shangchuan East Famous Temple Baolun Temple, started in the Tang Dynasty, the palace is magnificent, well-preserved, and it is said that the Emperor Jianwen once took refuge here, so it is also called Longyin Temple, and during its prosperity, there were more than 300 monks.

The buildings on the town are very characteristic of the eastern Sichuan folk houses. The slab road and the residential houses along the street are harmonious. Most of the houses are made of bamboo and wood. Most of the paved areas along the street are one with three rooms and long-term deep-floor units. Carved beams and painted buildings, exquisite patterns in windowsills, exquisite workmanship

The ancient town was the birthplace of Shaci culture. During the Anti-Japanese War, cultural celebrities such as Guo Moruo, Xu Beihong, Feng Zikai, Fu Baoshi, Ba Jin, and Bing Xin were gathered. Mr. Ding Zhaozhong, a well- known Chinese-American scientist, studied in the town. The prototype of Hongyan novel Hua Ziliang escaped from the ancient town wharf ………

Wuciqikou Ancient Town is located in the main city area, only three kilometers from the center of Shapingba District and only 12 kilometers from Jiefangbei. There are not many overnight guests, but there are also two quiet and quaint inns in the ancient town for accommodation. One is Linxi Inn on the edge of Jinbi Creek, and the other is the Folk Culture Village on Maanshan. The charges range from 20 yuan / person to 160 yuan / room. Tourists can lie in ancient beds at night, listen to the streams of water, and climb the mountain in the morning., Overlooking the panoramic view of the ancient town.

Take a bus from the entrance of Chongqing Hotel opposite Shapingba Chongqing Department Store, spend 1 yuan ticket, you can go to Ciqikou Ancient Town in 20 minutes

Blood The Maoxuewang in this place is very authentic, it is available in every shop. If two people go, just one point is enough. Spicy taste, um, very fragrant

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