Cizhou Kiln Site [Handan, Hebei]

The Cizhou Kiln Site is located in Cixian and Fengfeng Mining Area, 40 kilometers southwest of Handan City. It is a famous folk porcelain kiln in the northern part of the Song and Yuan Dynasties in the summer. Because of its ancient place, it was named Cizhou Kiln.

Cizhou Kiln is an outstanding representative of the ancient northern folk kiln in China. The decorative art is characterized by sharp contrast in black and white. Its unique firing technology has an important impact on the development of the ceramic industry in northern China. Once enjoyed the reputation of Jingde in the south and Pengcheng in the north.

There are dozens of ancient kiln sites in Qicizhou Kiln, and there are many well-preserved Guantou Kilns in Pengcheng Town. There is an ancient kiln site of the Yuan Dynasty in the site of the Cizhou Kiln and Salt Shop in Pengcheng. It is well preserved, and the production process of porcelain can be seen in the workshop next to the kiln site. It is also found that the kiln and the crushed grains of the processing materials are well preserved. The excavated utensils are mainly plates, bowls, cans, bottles, etc., as well as porcelain pillows and toys.

The decoration of Cizhou kiln porcelain is characterized by black and white contrast. It is elegant, simple, vigorous, and unique with white glaze and black flowers. It also creatively paints landscapes such as figures, black beasts, insects, fishes, and landscapes on porcelain with patterned decorative painting. In the past, a new era was created for the decorative painting of porcelain in China. The current Cizhou kiln, in addition to inheriting the characteristics of the past, has also undergone new developments, and its products are sold throughout the world.

Qicizhou Kiln is one of the famous folk porcelain kilns in the northern Song Dynasty. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit. There are two kiln sites, one is in the area of ​​Guantai Town in Cixian County, and the other is from Pengcheng Town to Linshui Town under the Nanxiangtang Temple in the scenic area. The area is about ten square meters.

In history, he once enjoyed the reputation of having Jingde in the south and Pengcheng in the north, and historical books with descriptions of the thousands of miles of Pengcheng and Nijin Doujin. Modern Cizhou kiln is still one of the eight major porcelain producing areas in China. 

Because of the wide distribution area of ​​Cizhou Kiln, it is best to bring your own car for traveling to Cizhou Kiln. From the exit of Matou or Cixian of the Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway, go west to Fengfeng Mining Area, and Pengcheng Town is in the mining area. To the site of Guantai Kiln is mostly a township highway. It is best to fill up the car before the trip.

As long as you take the No. 5 bus at Handan City Station, you can reach Fengmiao Bus Terminal in about 50 minutes. After that, you can take No. 1, 9 to Laohuaishu, and you can reach it. Or you will be taken by someone who is hospitable .Go to the ceramic factory for a close look.The people there are very nice.Hospitable.

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