Conghua Happy Kariya Amusement Park

The primitive tribe ~~ Happy Valley is located in the new hot spring tourist scenic area of ​​Liangkou Town, Conghua City, which is known as the Guangzhou Back Garden. It is a large-scale ethnic style performing area with tourists. Happy Valley is located in the south valley of Wanglujing, one thousand meters away. It has a beautiful environment and beautiful scenery. It is a good place for people to entertain, exercise, and find excitement. It is also a good place for urban people to inhale oxygen.

Conghua Happy Yangu owns Guangdong s unique primitive tribe, and there is a Dai tribe from Yunnan. The Wa people are a kind and simple, enthusiastic people. Their rough and bold character has created the nature of the people of the Wa people who can talk, sing, and walk and dance. Men, women, and children can sing and dance, and even hair can dance. The brown skin, black hair, wooden drum dance, shake hair dance, yak, and bull s head totem, all fully reflect the human characteristics of the Dai people, creating a unique Dai culture.

Happy The series of projects in Yangu are plentiful and pleasing to the eye: there are exciting and exciting canyon adventure areas, breathtaking performance areas, lingering leisure and entertainment areas, and lively and delicious game food areas. The tribal natives eat raw snakes, swallow the dirt, chew leaves, go down the hill and catch fire. They will also demonstrate thrilling activities such as burning themselves, licking hot steel plates, and stepping on broken glass. There are also song and dance performances such as Dancing Hair Dance , Dongs Wine Song and Dancing in a New House , as well as large-scale Bamboo Dance and Wind Dancing Mountain which invite visitors to interact and enjoy. If you are thriving, you will be greeted by a passionate bonfire in the evening to roast whole sheep, drink beer, and have fun with the Dai brothers and sisters.

The Wa people are one of the unique ethnic groups in Yunnan and have a history of about 3000 years. According to myths and legends, in Si language, Sigang is a stone cave, and the meaning is to come out. The Dai is the first ethnic group to come out of Sigang.

In the history of the Dai people, men wore black short jackets and wide-mouth pants; women wore hoodies and horizontal flower skirts, and they were decorated with collars, necklaces, bracelets, waistbands, and footbands, mostly silver or bamboo Products, either coated with natural pigments or depending on natural colors, are almost universally loved by men, women and children.

Dai villages are mostly built on mountainsides or hilltops. The Dai people like to live in a bamboo house, and some of them change to adobe bungalows. This is a new form of housing that has since changed. The bamboo floor can be divided into two floors, the upper floor is occupied by people, and the lower floor is closed to livestock. The furnishings in the room are simple and lively. What is essential is a fire pond for people and a fire pond for sacrifice or a fire pond for heating sacrifice and animal feed.

The Dai people most adore the mankind s supreme master, Mu Yiji, and his five sons are the gods in charge of Kaitian, Pidi, thunder, earthquake, and the Qiang ancestors. The wooden drum is a sacred thing worshipped by the Dai people , and is a symbol of the Dai people. Therefore, it cannot be disturbed in normal times, and it can only be beaten during major collective activities such as sacrifice and alarm and festivals. The Dai people also admire cattle, whose head symbolizes wealth and good fortune.

Han has fun and amazing canyon area, Sheshan village area, passion show, ethnic style area, osprey, fishing area, wrestling ground, magic house and so on.

Including watching large-scale song and dance performances of the Dai people, thrilling stunt performances, as well as large-scale Bamboo pole dance and Feng Wu Lao Shan that invite tourists to interact and have fun. Have a drink party with the Dai brothers and sisters, sing and dance together, and provide free tea.

Barbecue dinner food includes: 1 chicken wing, 1 shrimp, 1 beef slice, 1 meatball, 2 sausages, 1 corn, 1 sweet potato, 2 leek, and herbal tea is provided free of charge.

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