Crater Lake Tourism

Ecuador is a volcanic country and a must-visit for those who love volcanoes. How many craters in Ecuador are difficult to count. It is said that since 1534, eight volcanoes in the territory have been active, and gas, ash and magma have been erupting continuously.

Mount Tungurahua is one of Ecuador s largest and most active volcanoes, with a eruption that killed 30,000 people. The clear water in the crater was half full, and the volcano fell asleep safely. There were no people around it, only a lush native lush. The tour guide said,

泉 There is spring water under this crater. It is dry all year round. The spring water is cool and there are fishes in it. However, there are few people here, and despite the unique scenery, few people arrive, showing a barren scene . In fact, to see the volcano, you should take a boat to the Coron Islands in the West Sea.

The Galapagos Islands, also known as the Galapagos Islands, is an archipelago of 19 volcanic islands. It was formed by the volcanic eruption of the late Tertiary submarine volcano. There are more than 2,000 craters, the largest of which is the Sierra Negra crater. A volcanic lake with a diameter of 6.5 to 10 kilometers.

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