Cuihuashan National Geological Park

The Landslide Landscape National Geopark of Cuihua Mountain in Shaanxi is one of the first 11 national geoparks of the Ministry of Land and Resources in March 2001, and it is also the first batch of national geoparks in China to be unveiled. In 2002, it was appraised as National AAAA Tourist Area by National Tourism Administration. The park is located at the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains in Chang an County, Shaanxi Province. It is 20 kilometers away from the urban area of ​​Xi an. The main peak of the southern mountain is 2604 meters above sea level, with a total area of ​​32 square kilometers. Landslides have all types, typical structures, complete preservation, huge scale, and high tourism value. After being searched by the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information, they are rare at home and abroad, and are known as China Landslide Wonders Geological and Landform Museum.

The cliffs of Zanfeng Peak mainly refer to the Yucai Peak, Ganyu Peak, Cuihua Peak and the landslides. The three peaks stood up, the negative competition, the unexpected danger Jun, straight into the clouds. Looking south, the south is like a row of green screens, and Furong Wanxian straightens into Qingming. (Qing · Shaanxi Governor plays the Qianlong seal)

Tong Taiyi is near the capital of the sky, even from the mountains to the sea. Bai Yun looked back at him, and Qing Ye looked into nothing. The change of the peaks in the field, the shades are different. If you want to stay in a place, ask the coward across the water. (Tang Wangwei s Dead Mountain ) Cuihua Mountain National Geopark has a long history and cultural background, is the buffer zone of Niubeiliang National Antelope Nature Reserve, and is also the most characteristic component and one Development Zone, a famous scenic spot in Shaanxi Province. According to the Photographs of the Victory of the West Beijing, Cuihua Mountain has been designated as a royal Shanglin Garden and Royal Garden since the Qin, Han and Tang dynasties . Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, because of the mountains, forests, valleys, valleys, hills, clouds, wind and rain, seeing monsters, all said that God worshipped Taiyi God at Mount Cuihua in 112 BC. Therefore, Mount Cuihua is also known as Mount Taiyi. Th e Chinese region enjoys a good reputation.

In the end, the south Yuxiu Taiyi Zhongling, began to realize Cuihua recruited Hanwu; the ice cave hangs the dragon and pond jade, and it should be known that Chang an is a great sight. The Landscaping Landscape National Geological Park in Cuihua Mountain , Shaanxi not only has landslides and lakes, strange rocks and singular caves, but also has a magnificent landslide. It also has its profound culture, natural background and high-quality services. When you are watching the landslide wonders, you will more feel the characteristics of China National Geopark and the integration of geological relics and natural culture, and the sustainable development of development and protection.

Cuihua Mountain Food: There is a snack street in the Cuihua Mountain Scenic Area. The street is clean and tidy. It mainly provides Changan snacks. The food has a wide variety of food and is inexpensive.

Self-driving tour walking route: From Xi an City Expressway Qujiangkou to Baomao Expressway (Xi an Section) under Taiyigongkou; or from Ziwu Avenue via Qinling Huanshan Tourist Road to the east for half an hour.

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