Dali Ancient City Tour Tickets and Scenic Spots Introduction

The ancient city of Dali, referred to as Yucheng, is located at the foot of the beautiful Cangshan, 13 kilometers away from Xiaguan, Dali. The ancient city of Dali was built in the fifteenth year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1382) and is one of the first historical and cultural cities in the country.

The ancient city of Dali faces Erhai Lake in the east and Cangshan in the west, with magnificent towers and beautiful scenery. The scale of Dali City is 12 miles, the original city wall is 7.5 meters high and 6 meters thick. There are four gates in the east, west, south, and north, and there are towers. If it is said that Shimonoseki, the capital of the autonomous prefecture, gives the impression of prosperity and noise, the ancient city of Dali is simple and quiet.

There is a street running through the north and the south of Wucheng. There are various shops specializing in marble products, tie-dyeing, straw knitting, and other special products on the street.

There are clear streams flowing in the city, and there are quaint and traditional traditional houses of the Bai people everywhere. The residents here, whether rich or poor, have the habit of raising flowers and plants in the courtyard. The ancient city of Dali also said that every family flows, every household raises flowers.

Transportation: The ancient city of Dali is very close to Xiaguan (Dali new urban area). From Xiaguan, take buses 4 and 8 to reach the ancient city in about 40 minutes. The fare is 2.5 yuan.

In addition, tourists can also take minibuses on Jianshe Road and Wenhua Road, which can reach the ancient city in about 30 minutes. Tourists visit the ancient city of Dali, mainly by walking.

Reminder: When you come by coach, the terminal is usually Shimonoseki, but if you are coming from Lijiang, the car will pass by the ancient city of Dali. You may wish to get off here to avoid going back.. It can also be reached by a pony in Shimonoseki, but be sure to negotiate the price before boarding.

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