Daming Lake [Jinan, Shandong]

Daming Lake is located in the center of Jinan City and north of the Old Town. It is also known as Jinan s three attractions with Baotu Spring and Qianfoshan. Jinan is known as the Spring City and has more than 100 springs, including 72 famous springs. Ming Lake is a natural lake formed by the convergence of many springs. The spring water flows in from the south bank, and flows out from the North Water Gate constructed on the north bank in the Song Dynasty when the water is full . The bottom of the lake is composed of impermeable igneous rocks. The park covers an area of ​​86 hectares, including 46 hectares of lake surface. There are six large and small islands on the lake, such as Lixia Pavilion, Huiquantang and Huxin. Island. The park has a beautiful natural landscape. The lake was sparkling, kite flying and jumping, and the cruise ship passed by. Daming Lake has been home to lotus lotuses since ancient times, with weeping willows by the lake, flowers and trees sparse , the lotus on three sides and the willow on three sides, and the city and the lake half the city are the best portrayals of her scenery. The park s cultural landscape is very rich. Lixia Pavilion, Tiegong Ancestral Hall, Nanfeng Ancestral Hall, and Arctic Temple are more than 30 places of historic interest and beauty hidden among the trees and flowers, showing a long history and culture.

Daming Lake is a natural lake. The earliest written record is the Water Sutra in the Northern Wei Dynasty. It was named Lotus Lake in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Lishuibo, and was once named the West Lake in Song Dynasty. There are many stone inscriptions in the park. The famous person has Du Fu s poem: The sea is right here, the pavilion is ancient, Jinan is famous. It was written by He Shaoji in the Qing Dynasty. And artistic level.

The park s main sightseeing points are torii, yayuan, jiaxuan temple, iron gong temple, Lixia Pavilion, arctic temple, nanfeng temple, huibo building, Mingchang bell pavilion, Minghu Baoding, Zenggong painting wall, and lake center 100 meters Large fountains, among which Lixia Pavilion and Tiegong Ancestral Hall are municipal cultural relics protection units. The park holds a variety of garden activities every year, including the Spring Festival cultural temple fair, the Chinese New Year flower exhibition, the lotus exhibition and folk cultural activities, the flower bonsai exhibition, and the stone exhibition.

Xiating Island in the heart of Luming Lake is the famous Haiyou Ancient Pavilion. The Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu celebrated the feast with calligrapher Li Yan in the fourth year of Tianbao (AD 745), and Du Fu improvised the poem Hai You this pavilion is ancient, Jinan is famous . The North Shore Tie Gong Ancestral Hall was built in memory of Shang Shu Tieyu of the Ming Army. He once clung to Jinan, resisted the King of Yan, and was defeated and killed. Nanfeng Temple was built in memory of Zeng Gong, a writer in the Song Dynasty. Zeng Gongzi Zigu, a native of Jiangxi Province, was born in Xining for five years (AD 1072) and served as the prefecture of Qizhou (Jinan). He repaired the North Water Gate and managed the flood of Ming Lake.

The restaurant s dishes are authentic Jinan flavors, and the cooking technology has maintained the traditional characteristics of Jinan cuisine. Its famous special flavor dishes include milk soup potherbine, hand-boiled chicken, crispy chicken, squirrel fish, dried bonito, fried shrimp , Jiuzhuan large intestine, etc. Every spring and summer season, you can eat fresh fish from Daming Lake and specialties such as pomegranate, white lotus root and tender rice root.

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