Danba Tibetan Village [Ganzi, Sichuan]

Danba cottage is the most characteristic of Jiarong Tibetan Village. In particular, Jiaju, Nieyang, Gishiza, and Badi Townships are the most prominent. Hundreds of residential houses are integrated into the natural environment, reflecting the concept of unity of heaven and human. Seen from afar, in the aura-filled valley, among the emerald grass and green trees, are the heavy fields and the cottages hidden in the dense forest, accompanied by the sometimes flowing streams, a dynamic and wonderful Cottage picture scrolls are then displayed in front of your eyes.

The cottage in Luodanba was formerly known as the Lou House. Diaolou and Zhaifang were originally two types of buildings with different characteristics. Now, in the passage of time, the two have been organically combined. In appearance, it has both the characteristics of a cottage and the shape of a tower. Diaolou village houses are generally three-story, there are also four-story houses, one side is also equipped with a box house. But no matter how the house and the box are constructed, the outer edge of the top floor is surrounded by three yellow, black and white ribbons, which is a major feature of Jiarong Tibetan Village.

Transportation: You need to go to Chengdu before travelling by car to Danba. Chengdu Ximen Station has a direct shuttle bus to Danba every morning, and there are minibuses from Danba County to various tourist spots.

Accommodation: Danba Youth Hostel is the most suitable for backpackers. The bed price is between 20-50 yuan. In addition, currently the best accommodation in Danba is Danba Hotel. The standard room price is between 150-300 yuan, which is available for tourists to choose.

Shopping: Sydney, Apple, Pomegranate, Walnut, Snow Mountain White Bean, Cordyceps, Gastrodia, Fritillaria, Tibetan Headband, Tibetan Belt, Earthenware.

Festivals: Danba has many traditional festivals with national characteristics, such as the Jiarong Tibetan Calendar, the Flower Viewing Festival, the Merdo Temple Fair, the May Horse Racing Festival, the Lantern Festival, and the Jiarong Tibetan Festival.

(1) Chengdu-Wolong-Siguniangshan-Danba. The line is 348 kilometers in length and all are asphalt roads. On the way, you can visit Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve, Balang Mountain, Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area, Xiaojinchuan Canyon and so on . Chengdu Ximen Chadianzi Station has a direct shuttle bus to Danba every morning.

(2) Chengdu-Ya an-Erlangshan Tunnel-Luding-Danba. The total length of this line is 419 kilometers, all are asphalt roads. On the way, you can visit Yucheng Ya an, Erlang Mountain, Luding Cable Bridge, Kamba Grand Canyon and other attractions.

(3) Chengdu-Wenchuan-Miyaluo-Sheshan Tunnel-Markang-Jinchuan-Danba. The total length of this line is 574 kilometers, all of which are asphalt roads. On the way, you can visit Taoping Qiangzhai Village, Gulgou Hot Springs, Miyaluo, Daishan, Zhuokeji Guanzhai, Dajinchuan Canyon and other attractions.

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