Dengzhuang Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park

Dengzhuang Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park was established in June 1998. It covers an area of ​​500 acres. It has completed 150 high-end sunlight greenhouses and 2 fully intelligent multi-span greenhouses. It has also established factory-based seedling breeding centers, pollution-free testing centers, tissue culture centers, Meat and dairy embryo transplantation center, technical personnel training center, clean food processing and distribution center six centers. In 2001, Deng Manor District was identified as a provincial agricultural science and technology demonstration park , a pollution-free vegetable production base in Hebei Province, and a vegetable production and supply base in Hebei Province.

Deng Manor District has the following major functions: first, the base for the experiment, demonstration and extension of new agricultural varieties and technologies; second, the application base for transforming traditional agriculture; third, the demonstration base for agricultural industrial structure adjustment and agricultural industrialization management; four It is a training base for agricultural science and technology personnel. Fifth, it is a model base for opening up and deepening rural reform.

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