Detian Waterfall Tour Ticket and Scenic Spot Introduction

Detian Waterfall is located in Daxin County, the border of Nanning, Guangxi. At the junction of the Sino-Vietnamese border, it is upstream of the Guichun River. The waterfall is 100 meters wide and 40 meters high. It has a magnificent, silver waterfall, and a third-level fall. If it is connected to the nearby Banjo Waterfall in Vietnam, it can be called the second largest transnational waterfall in the world.

In the upper reaches of Qiong waterfall, the river is rushing slowly and slowly, and the time is round and round, winding and twisting. In the towering ancient woods, the flowers and plants are covered, and the birds are low, and the river Sudden encounters the cliff and falls down. It looks like a huge silver practice, hanging high above the canyon. Standing under the waterfall, the water vapor transpired, and connected to Yunhan, its billowing torrent, turning and reuniting, falling down, and rushing through the three barriers. The sound of waves echoes in the mountains. The sound is like a thunder, and it can be heard for miles. Looking up at the top of the waterfall, if the peaks are floating, the giant waterfall is like a sea ​​dump, and the water splashes like a pearl of Mandhu. If it s sunny, the rainbow crosses the waterfall. Adds a bit of charming to the majestic waterfall. Its courage, its momentum, its demeanor, shocking soul, shaking his heart .

Luo Detian Waterfall is magnificent and magnificent, changing and colorful, and the water flows long, never rest. The waterfalls have different scenery in different seasons. The spring weeds are green, the mountains are gorgeous, and the waterfalls are surrounded by colorful lace. In autumn, the terraces are gold-plated, the forests are dyed, and the high silver curtain mist is soaring into the sky., The mountain wind blows the thin currents; the summer rapids are like dragons, rushing down the mountains, like rushing horses.

Detian Tourist Scenic Spot, there are so many scenic spots and beautiful scenery, isn t it just Detian Waterfall? The whole scenic area is really everywhere. The Mingshi pastoral scenery known as Little Guilin, the multi-level cascading waterfalls of Shatun, the strange peaks, the lush black water river, the beautiful scenery on the other side, the Leiping Stone Forest and the Water Stone Forest full of strange rocks., Encheng mountains and waters and nature reserves full of ridges and karst caves; levels such as Qiao Miaoping Lake with mirrors and stone peaks, magical axe and strangely shaped Dragon Palace Rock, boundary monument No. 53 on the Sino-Vietnamese border, countless rare animals and cultural relics ……. The Wubaili Gallery is even taller, with clouds and mist, mountain shadows, lakes, green water terraces, red cotton and green bamboo, residential watermills, small bridges and flowing water, scattered spots under the mountain, farmers working in the countryside, bamboo rafts running through the river, Forming a beautiful landscape of the southern country pastures.

Mingshi Pastoral is about 53 kilometers southwest of the county seat. It is a national first-level scenic spot with a total area of ​​20 square kilometers. The Mingshi River twists and turns, the banks of the river or layers of mountains, or peaks, or sparse peaks or forests, or flat and open mountains. Qingshui Xiu is known as Little Guilin. Especially in the area of ​​Mingshi Bridge, the green bamboo circles the shore, the farmhouse is embellished, the single-wood bridge is horizontal, the ears of rice are swaying, the farmer is hoeing, the herd boy is playing in the water, the scenery is bright and peaceful, and it is extremely rich in the southern country.

The Shatun stacked waterfall, also known as the Xidi Waterfall, is 55 kilometers away from Daxin County. It is another famous waterfall in the Detian Scenic Area. It is a national second-level scenic spot. Bright and lovely, compared with the majestic nature of Detian Waterfall, Shatun Waterfall looks gentle and lyrical. The two sides of the strait are surrounded by mountains, lush woods, and ancient vines. There are bamboo raft fishermen haunting the waterfall, which adds to its natural simplicity.

The Heishui River originates from Jingxi County, Guangxi, flows from Yuexi, Jingxi County, into Vietnam, and re-enters China near Putang Island, Detian Village, Daxin County, with a total length of 150 kilometers. Cuifeng along the banks of the river are lined with ancient trees, and the turquoise water is reflected in the peaks of the banks on both sides of the river, corresponding to the daisy color, and its name is Blackwater River. Strange rock crickets on both sides of the Heishui River can be described as the best of ghosts and axes; the trees are calm and mysterious, which is even more famous. Looking at the Heishui River in winter, the fog is lingering, like a jade belt quietly dancing between the mountains, mysterious and mysterious; in the summer, the cool turquoise river water with a hint of coolness makes people feel refreshed …

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Detian Scenic Area is convenient in transportation and complete in facilities. It can be reached by air, train, and car from Nanning. It is only 140 kilometers from Nanning to the county seat and only 60 kilometers from Detian Falls to The attractions are basically accessible by car, and there is no need to climb hard, and it is suitable for young and old. It is really the first choice for vacation travel.

The best season to visit is April, May, June, July, August, September. The best time to watch the waterfall upon arrival is from 08:00 to 10:00 every morning. Viewing Detian Waterfall in the afternoon is the worst.

If you go to Detian Waterfall during the peak tourist season, there will be a lot of people, and accommodation and tickets will be tight; but if you come during the off-season, the waterfall will have less water. So the best time should be late autumn and mid-spring.

Detian Scenic Area has convenient transportation and complete facilities. It can reach Nanning by air, train, and car. It is only 140 kilometers from Nanning to the county seat and only 60 kilometers from the county seat to Detian Waterfall. Up without having to climb hard.

The traffic of Detian Scenic Area is very convenient.It is more than 140 kilometers from Nanning to Daxin County, and more than 60 kilometers from the county to Detian Waterfall. If you choose to charter, it will cost about 100 yuan. Of course, you can also take the bus Drive into Xia Lei, get off at Shuolong, the fare is 10 yuan, and then take a tricycle, about 5 yuan. The attractions in the scenic area are basically accessible by car, and Yuan needs to climb hard .

Detian Waterfall Scenic Area includes Detian Mountain Villa and Detian Hotel. There are hotels nearby, but there are few accommodation rooms here and the prices are high in the peak season. There are also many guest houses in Shuolong Town, but most of them are in general. The hotel is in good condition, sanitary and safe, and has convenient transportation.

Detian Waterfall is a very good place. There are hotels that provide accommodation outside the scenic area. For example, the newly built Detian Hotel costs 45 yuan per person for one person, 25 yuan per person for two people, and 20 yuan per person for three or more people.

Du Detian s pork belly, steamed pumpkin, wild vegetables, fried fish and fish soup are good. Vietnamese chicken is delicious. Wild vegetables such as Vietnamese wild vegetables, Guichun River bamboo rat , bamboo worm and ant eggs can be eaten.

Longan: The longan here is exported to the United States with high quality. Very crisp, sweet and cheap. 2 yuan a pound or so. It is said that there was a good harvest of longan here for one year, and the price dropped to one yuan a catty.

Kudingcha: It is rich in Kudingcha, which has the function of lowering blood fat and cholesterol, and can also lose weight. Depending on the quality of the tea, it costs about 30 yuan per pound.

Perfume: Vietnam was a French colony, so France s love for perfume also affected them. Various perfumes are sold at the stalls by the road. Prices are much cheaper than buying them in big city stores.

Founling oil: a special product of Vietnam, which acts a bit like a cooling oil, prevents mosquito bites, does not accept soil and water, and has dizziness and headache. People who suffer from motion sickness can also apply a few drops to their mouths in advance. The local mosquitoes are very powerful. It not only itches but also stings after biting. It only works if you apply it with local Buddha oil.

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