Donggong Mountain [Nanping, Fujian]

Donggong Mountain is located in Yangyuan Township, Zhenghe County, and is located in the upstream of Pingnan Yunxi National Scenic Area. It covers an area of ​​about 10 square kilometers and its highest peak is 1459 meters above sea level. Because a boulder in the mountain is in the shape of a gong, Qishan Cave is also known as a palace in the cave. Therefore, it is called Donggong Mountain. Among them, Huaqiao, Hongxi, and Strange Circle are famous.

The Huaqiao is located at the entrance of Bantou Village, Yangyuan Township, and lies on the river. Although the building was rebuilt in three years (1914) of the Republic of China, it still looks the same as before. The bridge is a single -hole pavilion-style wind and rain bridge. The bridge is about 50 meters long and 6 meters wide. It is named after the eaves of the three-story main building that look like a lotus flower. There are two passages inside the bridge, one of which is separated by a wooden fence, and the sidewalk, about 1? M wide, was designed for women to walk in the past. This is still rare in many ancient bridge buildings in Fujian. There are wind chimes hanging in the second and third bridges. When the wind blows, the villagers will predict the rain and rain based on whether the bells rang from the east or the west.

Tonghong Creek is located under the Qilin Rock in the center of Donggong Mountain Scenic Area. It is more than 10 kilometers long and about 3 meters wide. It is surprising that such a long-storage red river bed is as flat as a knife and axe . There were no river pebbles or sand in the stream. Between the new and old bridges of Hongxi, there is also a spherical mountain rock, known as wind-driven rock. Several people pushed it together, shaking slightly.

On the eight rocks in the canyon under the bridge in the fog of Donggong Mountain, there are more than 280 concentric circles of different shapes and sizes. And these 8 rocks are very hard, and the wind drill bounced on them without leaving any white spots .

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