Doumen Imperial Hot Springs Tourism

A bright pearl inlaid in Doumen, Zhuhai, Yu Hot Spring Resort, is one of the domestic open-air hot spring resorts. There are more than ten different types of hot springs including natural hot springs Huaxing Pool, flower and grass hot springs, wood hot springs, coffee hot springs, wine hot springs, waterfall hot springs, sonic jet hot springs, stone hot springs, as well as adult and children hot spring swimming pools and well-equipped luxury fitness centers Bath service. There are also garden-style VIP lounges with more than 10 sets of independent indoor hot spring baths. It is also equipped with a large steam bath and sauna, and more than 40 standard massage and massage rooms for tourists to receive health massage after bathing to enhance the therapeutic effect of spring baths.

Puyu Hot Spring has two natural spring eyes: a depth of 150 meters and an outlet water temperature of 70 degrees. It belongs to the high-temperature chloride-metasilicate medical mineral water. After testing by relevant expert departments, it is determined that it contains extremely rich and beneficial chemical components, such as metasilicic acid, lithium, bromine, selenium, iron, copper, strontium, manganese, zinc, arsenic, boron, iodine, fluorine and so on. It has special effects on various diseases such as rheumatism, neuropathic bone pain, and digestive tract. It can also relax muscles, strengthen the body, smooth skin and beauty, soothe the nerves, calm down, and fight against aging.

Zhuhai Royal Hot Spring is a hot spring city integrating vacation, fitness, catering and entertainment. With its rich cultural connotation and perfect supporting services, it attracts tourists from home and abroad, and has become a new tourist resort in Zhuhai.

Yu Hot Spring Resort is a four-star resort that integrates hot spring leisure, guest rooms, catering, conferences, health care, and entertainment. You can choose to live in the resort, or you can take 609 to Gongbei. Many hotels serve as the king select.

1. Yushifang: Yushifang is divided into viewing area, dining room and private room. Inside there is a small bridge with flowing water, wood chairs and wooden tables, antique. A huge durian tree with green leaves covering the entire hall. Traditional Chinese food Combines North and South dishes, local and idyllic local flavors are delicious and delicious.

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