Du Fu Cottage [Chengdu, Sichuan]

Du Fu (712-770), a beautiful character, is one of the most famous poets in China s history, and is known as the Sacred Poem . Anshi Rebellion was exiled to Chengdu in the second year of the Qian Dynasty (759 years) and lived next to a flower brook to build thatched cottages. Du Fu Cottage is Du Fu s former residence, which is located on the bank of Huanhua Creek in the western suburbs of Chengdu. Du Fu arrived in Chengdu during the exile, and with the help of his friends, he built a cottage on the bank of Huanhua River in the west of the city. He has lived here for almost 4 years and has written more than 240 poems.

Happy Rain on a Spring Night, The Hut is Broken by the Autumn Wind are written here. To commemorate this great poet, since the Northern Song Dynasty, someone has built a shrine in the former residence of the poet for people to admire. The thatched cottage where Du Fu lived was long gone. The current thatched cottage is actually a beautiful garden built by future generations to commemorate Du Fu. The total area of ​​the garden is about 300 acres. In the criss-crossed courtyard of the stream bridge, the poet s former residence adds infinite poetry and painting.

In the Bai, Chen Fu puts a panoramic view of Du Futang, a Chinese painting, and an introduction to Du Fu s life. In the middle of the Poetry History Hall is a sculpture of Du Fu s chanting sculptures . The pillars of previous generations of stone carvings of Du Fu, wood carving boards and couplets to commemorate poets are hung between the pillars. Calligraphy. Gongbu Temple contains Du Fu s colorful statues, Ming and Qing stone carvings, and the two inscriptions Shaolin Thatched Cottage Map inscriptions; later generations of the Song Dynasty famous poets Huang Tingjian and Lu You, who served as local officials in Sichuan, are also statues inside the temple. The Cottage Book House on the left of Gongbu Temple and Qiaai Hangxuan on the right display the ancient Du Fu works and various foreign translations in various periods since the Song Dynasty.

Du Fu s thatched cottage is surrounded by streams, bamboo and trees are verdant, and Taichi Pavilion is set in a garden of flowers and trees. It is a distinctive temple garden. Now it is a national key cultural relics protection unit.

Transportation: Take bus No. 35 and drive from Chengdong Bus Station to Du Fu Thatched Cottage; bus No. 17 also reaches the sights; short-distance tricycles in the city can reach about 5 yuan; taxis depending on the distance, Alto starting at 4.8 yuan per kilometer 1.3 yuan, Fukang and Santana start at 5.0, 1.4 yuan per kilometer.

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