Eating dumplings and racing dragon boats

Eating dumplings and racing dragon boats is a custom in many parts of China. However, this custom comes from commemorating Qu Yuan, which makes Hubei, the hometown of Qu Yuan, even more so.

On the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, dragon boat races and eating dumplings spread all over the province s urban and rural areas. As long as there are lakes, rivers, and rivers, people have trimmed or cleared the dragon boats early. From the first to the fifth day, the dragon boats have launched into the water. Yellow dragons, white dragons, red dragons, and blue dragons chop waves and waves. The sound of drums, yelling, and cheers rang into one. The people on both sides of the river watched a large crowd of black dragon boats, and the scene was really spectacular.

It is said that after Qu Yuan cast Luo Luojiang s death, his hometown fellow Xiugui had a dream. He dreamed that Qu Yuan s body was thin, and then he made horned horned owls (Zongzi) with rice wrapped in rice leaves and put them into the river with a dragon boat. Because the aquarium in the water belonged to the dragon tube, he thought it was a horned owl sent by the dragon king, and he dared not eat it. This allows Qu Yuan to eat. This is the origin of dragon boat racing and eating dumplings.

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