Eling Lake, Eling Lake Wetland

Eling Lake and Zhaling Lake are both the largest pair of freshwater lakes in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, also known as the Eling Sea and anciently known as the Baihai Lake. Tibetan means blue long lake. It is located in the western structural depression of Maduo County, Qinghai Plateau, 15 kilometers west of Zhaling Lake. The Yellow River cut through the Bayan Langma Mountains between the two lakes to form a gorge with a length of more than 300 meters. There is a vast swamp east of the canyon to the lakeshore. The lake is 4272 meters above sea level, with a north-south strength of about 32.3 kilometers, a east-west width of about 31.6 kilometers, and an area of ​​610 square kilometers.

The average water depth is 17.6 meters, the deepest point north of the lake center is 30.7 meters, and the water storage capacity is 10.7 billion cubic meters. The Yellow River flows in from the southwest and flows from the northeast. Because there is little sediment into the lake, the lake is blue. The lake is rich in cold-water non-scale fishes, including piebald carp, pharyngothid, yellow river carp, and three-eyed fish. Since 1978, fishing grounds have been established. Migratory birds cluster on the small island in the center of the lake, inhabiting a variety of migratory birds such as geese, brown-necked gulls, fish gulls, and cuckoo ducks. The lakeside sub-alpine meadow is an important pasture in Qinghai.

The Linghu Lake Wetland is located in the south central part of Qinghai Province, 67 kilometers west of Maduo County. Maduo is the highest county in the world (4600 meters above sea level). It is also known as the Thousand Lakes County with a total of 4,007 lakes.

The Linghu Lake wetland covers an area of ​​65,907 hectares, with an average elevation of 4268 meters, and belongs to the plateau freshwater lake and swamp wetland. It is the largest freshwater lake in the source region of the Yellow River. It plays an important role in regulating the amount of water at the source of the Yellow River, retaining sediments, purifying water quality, preventing flood storage and regulating the climate. A variety of rare plateau fishes are distributed in the lake, which are important habitats for birds such as gulls, geese and black-necked cranes.

Tanzhaling Lake and Eling Lake, sister lakes known as the source of the Yellow River, are naturally interesting landscape paintings. Machari near the two lakes is an ancient commercial road, post and ferry to Tibet. A bronze statue of the soul of Huaxia is cast on the top of the beautiful Tongze Mountain between the two lakes, which is the symbol of the source of the Yellow River. Between Zhaling Lake and Eling Lake, a small town called Cuowashi, there are prayer flags all over the place, and hundreds of meters long Mani stone scripture walls and stupas are standing by the lake. This is probably the first temple of the Yellow River.

There is no special tourist shuttle bus to Zhaling Lake and Eling Lake. You can only rent a car from Xining City or rent a car in Maduo County, Machari. You can rent Toyota and Mitsubishi from Xining, so the off- road vehicles are in better condition. If you rent a car in Machari, you can usually only rent a jeep like Beijing 2020. If you are lucky, you can rent off-road vehicles of some units. Due to the poor road conditions from Zachary Lake and Eling Lake from Machari, even if the road is the closest, it will be bumpy for more than 50 kilometers for several hours, so the driver s price is generally very high, usually 500 yuan. There is little room for bargaining.

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