Enshi Qingjiang Adventure Rafting

The Qingjiang River originated from Xiaojiatang, Qiyue Mountain, Lichuan City, Hubei Province, and was injected into the Yangtze River in Zhicheng City. It has a total length of 425 kilometers, a drop of 1,430 meters, a drainage area of ​​17,000 square kilometers, 800 miles of Qingjiang River, 800 Miles Gallery, and 800 Miles Song. At present, there are sights such as Enshi City District to Santiao Dangerous Beach, Changsha River Village, Longmai Gorge Valley, Yinyang Gorge Rock Coffin and other attractions. The drifting section is more than 200 meters wide, with 48 beaches in total, of which 14 are difficult. There are clear rivers, bends and turns, a beach in a few steps, and beaches are not ordinary.

Ride a rubber boat, walk on the waves, watch the thousand-year-old Ba People rock coffin, admire the two rock hanging feet, enjoy the bamboo rhyme, listen to the sound of pounding clothes, watch the mountain people make paper, dance the Tujia waving hands, sing folk songs, chant, Experience the natural taste of Qingjiang rafting.

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