Erlongshan Pearl Island Film and Television City

Erlongshan Pearl Island Film \\ u0026 Television City is located in Erlongshan Pearl Island, Erlongshan Scenic Spot, Binzhou Town, 54 kilometers east of Harbin. Erlong Mountain is named after Erlong Opera Beads; Dalong Mountain and Xiaolong Mountain stand side by side from northeast to southwest , and the mountains are undulating like a dragon soaring in the clouds, shaking their heads and running towards Pearl Island in the water.

Pearl Island is really a blessed place, Shuizhai Mountain Camp. A large banner was erected head-on, and the entire film and television city was built after the ancient phoenix and ancient charm of the Tang dynasty. Rama bamboo barriers were placed on both sides of the suspension bridge lamp tower.. Walking through the water terrace, antique plank road, boarding the watchtower, learning the breeze, the plants and trees, and the flag hunting, we can t help thinking about the ancients, as if we were in Shuibo Liangshan. Pearl Island Film and Television City is an exterior location base jointly established by Changchun Film Studio and Beijing Film Studio. In the spring of 1998, the first phase of the project was completed, and the second phase of the project built new facilities such as the water tower, the underwater palace and the water hotel in the north of the island. It is the only multi-functional integrated film and television city in Heilongjiang Province that integrates tourism, leisure, entertainment and film and television culture.

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