Exciting hiking route-sheepfold

A few days ago, Xinjiang Lagoon Army Group, a self-guided outdoor activity group in Xinjiang, released a dangerous route notice on the Lamborgh Group s outdoor adventure self-service travel website. Dangerous line. There are many cliffs here , and the danger of walking is very high, so we have listed this route as a dangerous route. Yang Jun (a net name lamb) of the Lamb Corps introduced.

On December 9th, 26 donkey friends led by an old donkey were struggling on their way down the mountain through Xigou, Xiegougou, and entered a valley full of cliffs. That night, due to a discrepancy in the judgment, the team stopped moving . Most of the players did not prepare the two-day hiking clothes and no camping equipment, so they were trapped in Yangpengou overnight. The Xinjiang Mountain Rescue Team made an emergency rescue the next day. The trapped mountain mate descended the mountain safely. Fortunately , no team members were injured.

Just two months ago, an amateur outdoor enthusiast cockroach who used the holiday to travel to Nanshan and Shuigou, on his way back to the mountain alone, accidentally fell from a 7-meter-high cliff in Yangzigou. Severe waist injury.

Since then, in view of the many cliffs in Yangquangou in Shuixigou Town, the danger of hiking is very high. In recent years, many dangerous situations have occurred. With the advice of many senior mountain friends, the mountain friends decided to change The area around Xigou, Yangquangou in the north, has been designated as a dangerous route and will be announced as a bulletin on the Lamb Legion s outdoor adventure self-service travel network.

The announcement advocates that if there are hiking activities on the Yanggougou Xigou route, the activity plan must be submitted to the self-help moderator of the Lamb Corps for review in advance, and the activity plan can be posted only after the review. For other hiking routes around the sheepfold ditch, the organizer must explain in detail the route plan, whether the team leader has passed, or whether they need to go through the small steppe on the dangerous section, while leaving detailed communication methods for the team leader and collaboration. For the record of mountain friends and webmasters.

In response to this dangerous route notice, Yang Jun said that this is also the first notice issued by the Xinjiang Self-help Tour Organization in order to reduce the dangers on foot. In the future, it will continue to improve this measure, learn from the national rescue system, and issue announcements based on the danger level of the line. Perhaps in the near future, you will see an orange “dangerous line warning”. The move is aimed at curbing at the source what has happened to endanger the safety of the players.

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