Exodus-I got into the pyramid

When I got up early in the morning, the person who collected the car last night said to his colleague that he didn t tell us it was 100 pounds. The implication is that he only agreed to give us a price of 100 pounds because he even said that his colleague said it was 100 pounds. Now his colleague did not say that the price of 100 pounds is not considered to be the case. We should pay 120 pounds. As soon as he said that I was not true, was it the price of 100 pounds that his colleague said, did I even intentionally bluff? Think again, since he promised the price of 100 pounds, he would definitely not lose, and why he paid 120, TMD, almost got involved. Now that the money was paid, I was too lazy to talk nonsense with him and leave the car.

Originally planned to arrive at 7 o clock on the pyramid, because the number of visitors to the Great Pyramid is limited, only 300 people a day. But this delay coupled with the traffic jam on the road, it was already 7:20 at the door, and I saw a few big buses already in front of us. The driver uncle seemed to be more anxious than us. He always urged the snail student sitting in the co-driver to run to buy a ticket. Looking at the steps of the snail student, he couldn t really compliment. Three of us in the car could only be anxious.

I walked into the gate, and hurried to the ticket office of the Great Pyramid at a speed of 100 meters to buy the ticket to enter the Khufu Pyramid. After half the price, it was 50 oceans, but I was willing and secretly rejoicing. The Egyptian people s trick to stimulate consumption + limit supply is really TMD Gao Ming . Although they are well versed in this, they are still coming to kill …

Needless to say, the Pyramid is the only one among the Seven Wonders of the World to survive. The most popular statement is Pharaoh s grave, but the pharaoh s mummy has never been found inside, and its precise structure and coincidence with a series of astronomical figures made I once believed that the pyramid was artificial.

Anyway, when the pyramid was discovered, it was empty. I do n’t know how many people have been ransacked for thousands of years. Even the entrance to the current Great Pyramid is the way for the robbers to enter the pyramid.

At present, 66 pyramids have been found in the Gaza area, all of which were healthy during the ancient kingdom period. In the new kingdom period, the pharaohs moved their graves to the remote and desolate valley of the kings in order to escape the disaster behind them. However, from the day they sat on the throne of Pharaoh, they were doomed to escape. Many of the Pharaoh s mummy were dragged out of the tomb by the robbers, leaving the mob in the wilderness. It was later discovered by an old monk that the corpses were collected in a cave collectively, and the famous Emperor Ramesses II was among them. No matter how wise and savage he was during his lifetime, behind him, he was still in the same room with his wise or faint predecessors and grandchildren. What a depressed word!

From the beginning of entering the Great Pyramid Pass, he had to bend down 90 degrees and climb up the slope all the way. At the beginning, he still had the number of steps to take. Later, he was exhausted in his mind. The air inside is still super circulated, the muscles are in anaerobic breathing state, alas, just wait for tomorrow to feel all over, just like that, keep going into the center of the Great Pyramid, there is only one sarcophagus inside, which is a little bit Disappointing. There is also a secret road. A few years ago, the robot was sent to investigate. It was still broadcast live worldwide. In the end, people were still disappointed …

After reading the Great Pyramid like a war, I finally got a good look at this behemoth that was built 4,700 years ago. I climbed up and down, and carefully inspected the boulder. After 5 thousand years, there was still no gap between the stones where a thin piece of paper could be inserted. On the side of the hillside, you can overlook the Gaza area, a pure brown with an endless view. The three pyramids are based on the positions of the three bright stars of the Orion constellation, and the size of the pyramid is proportional to the brightness of the three stars! !!

After that, I went to the step pyramid. The step pyramid is not a perfect triangular pyramid, but a six-layer step. It was the tomb of the first pyramid, and it also showed people how the ancient Egyptian people learned to build a pyramid. At the time of the stepped pyramid, they built a curved pyramid. The curved pyramid was the first pyramid of triangular pyramids, but because the slope suddenly decreased at about half the height, because the architect at the time predicted that when the pyramid was half built, If the original design may collapse, reduce the slope in the upper half. Far away from the curved pyramid is the Red Pyramid in the Deshur area, which is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. The Red Pyramid is also open to the public, but compared to the bustling Great Pyramid, it is quite quiet here, and there are no more than 10 tourists in the entire area. Furthermore, the inside of the pyramid can also be photographed, which is just a supplementary picture of I got into the pyramid . Entering the Red Pyramid, first down the ramp to the chamber inside, it was wet and stuffy, and there was a strong bat smell. There was no one in the entire pyramid, a breath of terror. Even so, I still don t want to go up. I think it s so hard to go downhill when I come in. I can t imagine what it will look like when I go up …

At the end of the trip, pass by Memphis, the ancient capital of ancient Egypt, 100 years before the pyramid was built, this is the capital of Egypt. However, compared to the pyramid, it is much inferior here, there is only a huge statue of Ramses II.

After one day, my physical strength was almost overdrawn. At night, I went to the Sinai Peninsula by night, and I went to Mount Sinai tomorrow night. Each of us called a large Kausseli, and we talked about it first.

1212 o clock in the evening, I got on a car and a car full of old Maozi, passed the Suez Canal, and headed for the Sinai Peninsula. I was about to see the beautiful Red Sea!

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