Haikou Holiday Beach Tourism

Holiday Beach is located beside Qingling Avenue in the west of Haikou. The left edge is a lush casuarina forest belt, which is strewn with resorts, hotels, playgrounds, etc.; The right edge is the Qiongzhou Strait of Bibo Wanxiang, where ships travel by sea, and silver is splashing. The beach is 6000 meters long. Here, the sun, sea, beach, and coconut trees complement each other, forming a beautiful moving natural picture. The holiday beach is divided into a beach sunbathing area, a sea ​​sports area, a marine dining and cultural area, and a leisure resort area. It has a music fountain square, a seaside bath, a drink center, a bath room, an ecological square, a parking lot, an ice rink, a cactus grand view garden, Children s activity center, etc.

The water world built in the holiday beach leisure is composed of a water performance hall, a water park, and a sea club. The water performance hall with a unique Roman architectural style invites European and American elites to perform water ballet, high-altitude diving , and land wind dance. The thrilling and exciting entertainment performances made Chinese and foreign tourists praise.

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