Hidden Dragon Hundred Waterfall Tour Ticket and Scenic Spot Introduction

The Hidden Dragon Hundred Waterfall Scenic Spot is located in the southeast of Anji County, Zhejiang Province, 15 kilometers from the county seat, 68 kilometers from Hangzhou, 62 kilometers from Huzhou, 240 kilometers from Shanghai, and only one kilometer away from the first Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station in Asia. The pristine ecological scenic spot is located in the dense cliffs and waterfalls. It is the name of the hundred waterfalls. The waterfall falls up to 60 meters, which is a rare waterfall group in Zhejiang Province. As the saying goes, there are treasures in deep mountains. There are many kinds of wild animals and precious Chinese medicinal materials in the scenic area. Nearly one hundred species of trees are protected in the country. There are thousands of meters of high-altitude confrontation on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, strange stones and blue lakes, towering ancient trees, and fresh air. The waterfalls and brooks of Longtan, the sound of dragons, are primitive and simple. The scenic summer temperature is cool, quiet and elegant. In the winter, there are hundreds of waterfalls, heavenly wonders, and fascinating snowscapes, which are called a must in Jiangnan. The scenery is evocative. Wooden bridges, boardwalks, thatched cottages, cable bridges-add a little joy to your leisure.

Hidden Dragon and One Hundred Waterfalls slept for thousands of years. When the year of the dragon awoke, he was born and turned into a mysterious veil. A peculiar, special and amazing original scenic area awaits tourists.

Qiangzang Longbai Waterfall is a representative attraction in Anji. Don t live at the foot of the mountain when you go. One is the expensive price (standard room 80), and the other is the lack of agricultural taste. Living on a hilltop farmhouse is a good option (standard room 50). The decor is nice and clean. Fully air-conditioned hot water. Some of the farmhouses on the mountain are newly built, and they have insufficient agricultural taste. I chose an older house, but the interior has been remodeled and it is also a standard room. The people are very good. They have their own game and self-picked wild vegetables. In his home s bamboo garden and tea garden, bamboo shoots and tea are collected. There is also no need to use the spring water of the Hundred Waterfalls. It seems clean, and the sewage from the top of the mountain is mixed in it.

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