Hiking Trail through Daocheng

Here are free-living animals, birds that sing gently, and herders quietly. There is the purest life here, as if a gravitational pull from the depths of the soul draws you here-Ao Daocheng, your dream Shangri-La. In addition to sighing and laughing, what other language can you find to describe her beauty?

Route evaluation: The beauty of Daocheng can be described as stunning. This route is a wonderful walking tour that allows you to enjoy the spotless scenery.

On the way from Daocheng to Aden, the altitude is high and the conditions are more difficult. The diet is mainly based on Tibetan food such as butter tea, beef and mutton, yogurt, etc. No matter what the dishes, all have the taste of butter, so it is recommended that hikers can Bring some food. Despite the difficult conditions, Aden s mysterious religious culture and strange natural landscape will not let you down. On the first day, there were not many sights to see from Daocheng to Longba, Aden, and the good show really started the next day. After crossing the pass of the two sacred mountains of Xiannai and Yangmaiyong, they entered the range of Kas Hell Valley. You can see the three sacred mountains lined by Xiannai, Yangmaiyong and Shanoduoji. They are very majestic, surrounded by the sea of ​​pearl, milk sea, five-color sea, Chonggu temple, Luorong cattle farm and so on.

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