Hohnoor Grassland Tourism Resort

The Huhnoir Grassland Tourism Development Zone is located in the famous Hulunbuir Prairie of Inner Mongolia. It is the most grassland-specific eco-tourism development zone in Inner Mongolia. It is also the rare unpolluted natural grass pasture in China. Sex and uniqueness.

The Hohnoor Grassland Tourism and Resort Development Zone is dominated by grassland natural ecological landscapes, integrating rivers, lakes, ice, snow, wetlands and other types of landscape communities, with unique grassland scenery and strong ethnic customs.

To the Hohnoll Grassland, you can take a taxi (about 40 yuan) directly in Hailar. You can also take a taxi to Dongqi (10 yuan), and then to Hohnoor. You can also take a Hailar in front of the Hailar Coach Station –CMB in Manzhouli (full price is 31 yuan / person, but because it only goes to Hohnoll, the price will be less, how much will it cost, depending on the driver)

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