Hongya Cave Brigade

Chongqing Hongyadong is located on the riverside area where the two rivers of Jiefangbei, Changjiang and Jialing River meet in the core commercial district of Chongqing. Taking the style of the Hangjiao Tower as the main feature of Bayu traditional architecture as the main body, it stands on the mountain and is built along the river, allowing Jiefangbei to reach the riverside. Visitors from outside can view the towers, the Hongya Dicui, visit the old city streets, enjoy the Bayu culture, burn the hot pot of the mountain city , watch the confluence of the two rivers, taste the world s food, and enjoy a new world of entertainment. She will be the banquet living room of Jiefangbei, a leisure area for Chongqing people, a true portrayal of old Chongqing, and the city ​​s most beautiful city card.

The overall format of Chongqing Hongyadong is divided into four streets: Zhiyanhe Bar Street, Tiancheng Lane Bayu Fengqing Street, Feast Food Street and Exotic City Balcony. The four main streets integrate all the current fashion elements, and the joining of a series of world- renowned bars such as the American global chain of pirate bars will not only lead Chongqing s new entertainment lifestyle, but also drive the new standard of nightlife in Chongqing.

Tiancheng Lane Bayu Fengqing Street showed a different fashion trend for the world. He used the Bayu Grand View 2300 years ago as a carrier to show the classics of blue bricks, stone tiles, and red eaves and green tiles that prevailed at the time. Folk houses, “Folk Craft Works” that have been circulating in the former shop and the later factory will also appear here. Makes you feel like returning to the prosperous period of the capital.

Festival Food Street presents a grand view of an alternative food city. A gourmet scene centering on ancient and modern famous restaurants is located in Hongyadong, Chongqing.

The exotic city balcony will attract the attention of the world as one of the largest urban traffic transfer stations in Chongqing. After the completion of construction, the Chongqing Hongyadong city balcony parking lot can accommodate 30-40 vehicles at the same time. You need to visit Jiefangbei or Visitors who stop at Hongyadong can take the escalator or sightseeing elevator to go straight to Jiefangbei or reach any floor of Hongyadong.

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