Hongyuan-Zoige Grassland Scenic Area

It is located in the four counties of Zoige, Aba, Hongyuan and Rangtang in the northeast of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Here is the largest grassland in Sichuan Province, covering an area of ​​nearly 30,000 square kilometers, consisting of meadow grasslands and swamps. The grassland is flat, with endless views and few people. The Red Army s 25,000-mile long march has repeatedly passed through here, leaving many touching stories and revolutionary sites, making grassland famous at home and abroad.

Summer is the golden season of grassland, and the sky here is bright and cheerful. Between the heavens and the earth, the green grass is full of flowers, and the fragrance is faint. There are countless small lakes and blue lakes in the grass. The small rivers, such as vines, connect large and small lakes. The river is clear and the fish are countable.

The grassland excursion is rich in content, you can enjoy the scenery of the meadow, listen to the idyllic songs, listen to yellow river fish picnics, ride horses to ride the grasslands, view the sika deer ranch, go to the first turn of the Yellow River Jiuqu Range Rover, stay at the tent hotel, or go to the forest picking Mushrooms can also visit the temple to worship.

1. Sometimes it will encounter sleet, and the grassland will have a large temperature difference sooner or later. It is best for tourists to bring relevant rain gear and coats, thin sweaters, sunglasses, sunscreen and keep warm. The altitude of the scenic area is 1500-2300 meters. Sun protection should be paid attention to; the customs of minority areas should be respected. Shooting on the grassland will encounter many uncertain factors. Sometimes in the open grassland, a large herd of cattle and sheep will suddenly come over . Be sure to pay attention to safety. The herdsmen may be encountered on the grassland at any time, and the Tibetan herdsmen are also very hospitable and cooperate with taking pictures. However, when approaching the tent, they must first ask the herders to fasten. their fierce shepherd dogs to avoid danger.

2. The temperature difference between day and night in Zoige is large: 1-3 degrees Celsius during the day, more than 10 degrees below zero at night, and it is particularly humid. When camping, you should put your shoes under the quilt, or you will get a layer of ice when you get up the next day (If there is a hotel in Zoige County, but there is no air conditioning and heating), it is necessary to bring enough cold protection equipment.

3. In about 3 hours when climbing over Laoshan, there will be an alpine reaction (hypoxia state), it is best to prepare a portable oxygen cylinder (some medical equipment stores are available, one is enough for one person) for emergency use.

4. Due to the large climate difference, it is most likely to catch colds and discomforts, and Tibetan foods are mostly cold, so you should bring medicines such as cold medicine, antihypertensive drugs and Rhodiola lozenges. In addition, chewing gum can also help relieve the alpine response.

The Yellow River Jiuqu First Bay Scenic Area and Vache both have tent hotels, 30-40 yuan / person, with electric blankets. Tourists can also choose to stay in Tangke Township, 8 kilometers away from the scenic area. Accommodation in Zoige is not expensive , usually between 15 and 20 people. There are two better hotels in Zoige County: Zoige Hotel and Linggaduo Hotel. Hongyuan County recommends staying at Hongmao Hotel, Hongyuan Hotel, Century Shambala Hotel, and Prairie Xinlong Hotel.

Xiangruoala Hotel, Ruoergai County, RMB 288 per person, is one of the best foreign-related hotels in Zoige, with authentic Tibetan food and delicious Sichuan cuisine. Phone: 0837-2291666.

Zoergei County Prairie Travel Agency Guest House: Old building, 15 yuan / person for 2 persons, 10 yuan / person for 4 persons. In the new building, single rooms are 25 yuan / person, 2 rooms are 20 yuan / person, and 3 -4 people are 15 yuan / person.

Zoige County is the north gate of Sichuan to the Northwest Province. The national highway 213 runs through the county. The provincial highway 209 meets the national highway 213 in the county seat. Via National Highway 213, Zoige County is 140 kilometers to Songpan, 222 kilometers to Jiuzhaigou; 487 kilometers to Chengdu; 524 kilometers to Lanzhou; via Provincial Highway 209, Zoige County to 133 kilometers to Hongyuan and 596 kilometers to Chengdu.

Tourists from outside Sichuan Province can join a travel agency when they arrive in Chengdu; they can also take a shuttle bus to Cha Erzi Station to Zoige County. Tourists from outside the province can also take a shuttle bus to Zorgai County Town by arriving at Chuanzhusi Town, Songpan County.

From Chengdu to Zoige, you can take the Jiuzhaigou Circular Tourist Highway. The west route passes Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Wenchuan, Maoxian, Songpan to Zoige or Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Wenchuan, Lixian, Hongyuan to Zoige; the east route passes Chengdu, Mianyang, Jiangyou, Pingwu, Jiuzhaigou to Zoige;

In addition to the shuttle bus to various scenic spots, next to the heart garden of the county town street, there are individual taxis on the three-way intersection square of the Panzhou Hotel in the county town. You can rent a mini van to Tangke s Yellow River First Bend or Langmu Temple and other scenic spots. One-way chartered to Hongyuan is 350 yuan, and one-way chartered to Songpan is 350-380 yuan.

There are two passenger stations in Yixian County (2298915) and Abazhou Transportation Company Station, and there are daily buses to Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Temple, and cooperation. It should be noted that some of the cars sent by Zoige to Chengdu are popular, and some are in Songpan. Confirm when buying tickets. Aba State Transportation Company s station is divided into single and double numbers, and the single number is sent to Chengdu (via Songpan) and Malkang; the double number is sent to Chengdu (via Hongyuan), Cooperative, and Aba. Every day to Songpan.

National Highway 213 runs across the county and is the main road from Sichuan to Gansu and Qinghai. Hongyuan County is an important tourist evacuation site and connection point for the Dajiuzhai Tourist Route. The town construction has strong national characteristics. The passenger stations in the county have daily shuttle buses to Chengdu, Songpan, Malkang, and Aba County, and Hongyuan is the only way to Aba County. Only Hongyuan and Malkang have shuttle buses to Aba County.

Wu Hongyuan arrives in Chengdu twice a day, 6:20 and 6:50 in the morning, the price is 100 yuan / person. From Hongyuan to Dujiangyan, it departs daily at 7:00 in the morning and costs 80 yuan / person. Hongyuan arrives at Aba (43 yuan / person), Maerkang (45 yuan / person), and Songpan (60 yuan / person) every day at 9:00 am.

One-way chartered car is 280 yuan to Zoige and 180 yuan one way to Tangke Huanghe First Bay. Opposite the station, there is a car rental company (telephone 266282) operated by the county transportation company. The price of renting a private car can be negotiated.

The traffic in Shexian City is dominated by human tricycles and taxis. Human tricycles start at 1 yuan and go to farther places 2-3 yuan. Taxis are slightly more expensive. If you want to go to Moon Bay or Vientiane Da Ci Lin, car rental is very convenient.

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