How to Claim a VAT Tax Refund in Chengdu

After overseas tourists spend money in Chengdu,you can go through the tax refund formalities when you leave Shuangliu International Airport.
In Chengdu, in addition to sightseeing and tasting delicious food, overseas tourists often buy local specialties and various international famous brands. Chengdu has many exit tax refund stores, including Renhe Spring, Wangfujing Department store and far east department store. Foreigners who live in China for no more than 183 consecutive days can enjoy the exit tax refund policy.
How do overseas tourists who buy goods apply for tax refund?
Step 1: when checking out the goods purchased in the shop with the “tax refund shop” logo, show your passport, and get the sales invoice and the application form for tax refund for overseas passengers (hereinafter referred to as the “application form”).
Overseas passengers applying for tax refund shall meet the following conditions:
The amount of tax refund items purchased by the same overseas passenger in the same tax refund store on the same day reaches 500 yuan;
Tax refund items have not been used and consumed;
The departure date shall be no more than 90 days from the purchase date of tax refund items;
The goods to be purchased shall be carried with me or checked out with my luggage.
Step 2: customs inspection and confirmation
Before overseas passengers leave the country, they shall go to the “exit tax refund customs examination” window of T1 International Departure Hall of Shuangliu Airport to go through the customs examination formalities with their passports, sales invoices, application forms and unopened tax refund articles. The customs shall seal the application form if there is no mistake.
After the inspection, overseas passengers go to the counter of the corresponding airline for check-in formalities and deliver checked baggage.
Step 3: tax refund of agency
Overseas passengers shall apply for tax refund at the tax refund agency branch of Bank of China (next to gate 102, international departure area, terminal T1, Shuangliu Airport) with their passports, the application form signed by the customs and the sales invoice of tax refund items.
The currency of tax refund is RMB. There are two ways of tax refund: cash and bank card. If the amount of tax refund does not exceed 10000 yuan, you can choose the tax refund method by yourself; if the amount of tax refund exceeds 10000 yuan, the tax refund shall be made by bank transfer.
According to the pilot policy of Chengdu, the tax rebate rate is 11%. 9% of them will be refunded to overseas tourists, and 2% of them will be refunded by tax refund agencies.

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