Hukou Waterfall Tour Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Hukou Waterfall is located in the river bed of the Yellow River in the Jinshan Gorge, 45 kilometers west of Jixian County and 165 kilometers away from Linfen City. It is the world s largest yellow waterfall and is famous both at home and abroad for its grandeur. There are mountains on both sides of the bank, and a huge ditch on the rock at the bottom of the river washes up to 30 meters in width and 50 meters in depth. The yellow water rushed here and poured upside down. If the horse ran straight into the ditch, the waves rolled, the waves roared, and the sound of tremors was miles Audible. Its shape is like a giant pot boiling, hence its name. The waves of the Yellow River stirred up a cloud of fog and smoke. With the rise of the water mist, the smoke cloud changed from yellow to gray, from gray to blue, and the scenery was wonderful. Hukou Waterfall not only has the smoke from the bottom of the water, the colorful bridge with the sky wonders, but also the dry boat trip . Upstream vessels here must leave the water and land by people or by car to bypass Hukou (the so-called dryland boat) before entering the water for the voyage. For thousands of years, nothing can change.

The scenery of Hukou also changes from season to season due to the difference in climate and water volume. In the spring and autumn seasons of Hukou, the scenery is also very strange, with aura as rainbow, floating on the water, forming a landscape of no rainbow hanging by the shore. When spring returns to the earth, the mountains and mountains are full of peach blossoms, the ice bank of the Yellow River melts, and the water volume is moderately stable. The main waterfall and the sub- waterfall are connected into one. Look at the main waterfall with mist and mist. Look at the sub-waterfall. The dragon set off the waves, known as the March Peach Blossom Flood; just after the rainy season in September-November in autumn, many mountain streams and streams along the river gathered a lot of clear currents, and the wind was blowing, and a rainbow often appeared, called Hukou Autumn wind. In the Ming Dynasty Chen Weifan s Koukou Autumn Wind poems , Autumn wind rolls up a thousand laye rs of waves, and we will welcome thousands of reds in the evening is a true portrayal. In these two periods, the water was large and stable, and the width of the waterfall reached about a kilometer. The main waterfall is difficult to approach , but when viewed from afar, the waves are vast and majestic. The big waves rolled up with blisters, roared and roared down, flying down the river with the potential of turning over the river. The winter of Hukou is another spectacle: ice curtains hanging on both sides of the mouth of the mouth, crystal clear, extra attractive, lunar light snow, large ice cubes drifting down the river before and after the heavy snow fall into the smooth place of the mouth, ice cubes Intersect, the ice peaks are frozen, the ice bridge is naturally synthesized, and if people walk on the ice bridge, they will be called Hukou Fork Bridge. Near the overpass village, ice accumulates into a bridge, and the rapids roll under the ice bridge, and the sound of the waves is loud. People call it overpass.

On the stone shores on both sides of the Dragon Trough, there are patterns of birds and insects, all of which are ancient fossils. In addition, there are many large and small round stone nests on the Ishizaka, shallow one foot, several meters deep, small bowl mouth is large, and large as a ravioli mouth. Among these stone nests, the red sandy soil sinks to the bottom, the clear water floats, and their heads look out. The viewer s appearance is clearly visible, so people here call them Shiwo Mirrors. The formation of the Shiwo Mirror is a long time. It was formed by the continuous erosion of the Yellow River rapids against the stones. Therefore, there is a round stone in each stone nest . Every visitor to the mirror is imaginative for the magic and power of nature. One side is a mountain stone, and the other is a water flow. Since the beginning of the wilderness, there is an uninterrupted battle between each other. The water hits the rock, and the rock blocks the water flow. This violent impact has created the deep dragon trough in front of our eyes. According to the Wuhe County in the Tang Dynasty, Hukou is about 1,000 steps away from its Mengmen in the southwest, which is about 1,600 meters. Today, Hukou is about 3,000 meters away from Mengmen, and it still averages 3-4 every year. Moving north at a speed of centimeters. What a huge natural force it is. It is indestructible, invincible, endless, endless. This is the portrayal of our Huaxia nation s never bowed down and unyielding character.

I am not far south from here, it is the entrance of Longmen-Mengmen. There are “Mengmen Yeyue” wonders and Dayu s “Zhenhe Shiniu” for water control. It is very interesting for tourists to come to Hukou, Cimengmen and Houlongmen to take a trip to the Yellow River with three first-line tours to see the ruins of Dayu. In 1991, Hukou Waterfall was rated as one of the Forty Best tourist attractions in China. The development of the Hukou Waterfall Scenic Spot is promising. The scenic spots in the scenic spot are dotted with natural and human landscapes such as Mengmen Moonlight, Zhenhe Shenniu, dryland boating, the Great Wall of the Qing Dynasty, the Ming and Qing dynasties, dressers, ancient forts, and Kandapo. Since 1994, the Hukou Waterfall Drifting Month has been held once a year. The Asian trapeze Ke Shouliang and the Jixian trapeze Zhu Zhaohui successively drove over the Yellow River by car and motorcycle. The Hukou Scenic Spot has become an attractive tourist hotspot.

人民 There are many folk legends about Hukou Waterfall. Among them, the most widely circulated is Yu Chi Mengmen. According to legend, during the Yao and Shun periods, the Yellow River flowed to Hukou. Due to the obstruction of the Ben Men Men Mountain , the Pingyang area was often severely flooded. Yao sent the whale to control the water, Yu went to control the water. Yu carefully understood the terrain from Hukou to Longmen, and decided to take the method of dredging the river to manage the flood. Mengmen Mountain is north of Longmen, and water management starts from Mengmen Mountain.

In order not to flood the Mengmen Mountain. Yu organized the people to dig through the river bed from both sides of the Mengmen Mountain, and cut Zhenhe Stone Cow on the top of the mountain. Shi Niu guided the river down the river with the help of Shenwei, and it was not allowed to drown Mengmen Mountain or flood it. For thousands of years, no matter how big the flood or how strong the waves are, it never drowned the Mengmen Mountain.

One day, Yu and everyone worked for a long time, tired and thirsty, and went to rest in the old place. He hung his hat on the hill next to him. While drinking water, the people running the water asked him to solve the problem, and immediately went to the construction site with the person. The hat hanging on the hill became a mountain with the peak.. Later, people called this mountain Yu Hat Peak.

There is also a legend of the God Turtle Peak. It is said that there is a large turtle that has long-term potential under the Yellow River. It has great magical power, can roll huge boulders, and can plow through the riverbed, so it is called God Turtle.

One day, it flipped the boulders at the bottom of the river under the Mengmen Mountain, and happened to meet the god Niu to send the boulders to the mountains by order of Yu. Shen Niu did not know that the boulder it transported was the boulder turned by the tortoise, which shocked the tortoise. The turtle shouted, jumped to the east bank, turned the river, and showed a golden light, which shocked the god cow again. Shen Niu let go of the boulder and jumped to the west bank of the river with a loud noise. The people came to work again, and saw that both the tortoise and the cow could not move. Later, the tortoise turned into the tortoise peak, and the god cow also became the Zhenhe stone cow in accordance with the will of King Yu. Now the two peaks face each other across the river, standing on top of the two peaks can see the Yellow River.

There is a saying in the Huhukou tourist area of ​​Living in Shanxi, and watching in Shaanxi. There is a Jizhou Hotel in Jixian with 200 beds. The County Grain Bureau welcomes all 85 beds.

Xuhukou Waterfall is located in Linfen City, Shanxi Province, about 165 kilometers west and 45 kilometers away from Ji County in the east. From Linfen, it takes more than three hours by car to reach the county seat of Ji County. It takes about an hour and a half by car from Jixian to Hukou Waterfall.

In Hukou, the Jixian Tourism Bureau has a tourist reception station, a restaurant for tourists to eat, and a few simple rooms for staying in Hukou for inspections and tourists who watch Mengmen Yeyue.

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