Hulun Lake Dalai Lake

Dalai Lake is also called Hulun Lake, which is the fifth largest lake in China and the largest lake in Inner Mongolia. The Dalai Lake Biosphere Reserve is located in the western Hulunbuir grassland of Inner Mongolia and belongs to Manzhouli City. The total area is 3253 square kilometers. It is a comprehensive nature reserve mainly for the protection of rare birds, wetland ecosystems and grasslands. The territory s vast waters, continuous wetlands, and abundant bait are a good place for many migratory birds to inhabit. They are also a station for migratory birds in Oceania and Northeast Asia. There are 448 species of seed plants, 30 species of fish, 35 species of mammals, and 297 birds in the reserve Species (including 8 species of national first-level protected birds such as the red -crowned crane and white-headed crane, and 28 species of national second-level protected birds such as white spoonbill and big swan).

The Dalai Lake Nature Reserve was established in 1986, was promoted to a national nature reserve in 1992, was included in the GMR Daour International Nature Reserve in 1994, and was included in the International Key Wetland List in 2002, and was accepted by UNESCO It is a world biosphere reserve.

40km one way from Manzhouli to Lihu Xiaohekou, there is no shuttle bus, but during the tourist season, private buses may go to Dahu Lake on Xinhua Street and Xierdao Street. The prices are different. Before boarding Be sure to ask. It costs 40 yuan by taxi from the urban area to Xiaohekou, and about 100 yuan per day if chartered. It s much more troublesome to get to Ulan Pao. You have to take a long-distance bus from Hailar to Dongqi (that is, Xinbaar Huzuo Banner), and then rent a car to Ulan Pao. Because there are very few people going here, there is almost no artificial destruction.

At the Dalai Lake Hotel on the shore of Hulun Lake, you can taste the famous local full fish feast with 120 kinds of fish to choose from. Hailar s dishes are not only delicious but also reasonably priced. At a medium-sized restaurant in Manzhouli, a meal of red lamb for four is only 70-80 yuan.

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