Hulunbuir Prairie Tickets and Attractions Introduction

The Hulunbuir Grassland is located in the Hulunbuir League of Inner Mongolia and is named after the Hulun Lake and the Bell Lake next to it. It is the main livestock area in Inner Mongolia, producing the famous Sanhema and Sanhe cattle. The terrain of Inner Mongolia is high and flat. There are thousands of lakes in the territory. On the vast and flat Mongolian plateau, there are no deep ditch, loquat, and ridge landforms on the Loess Plateau. Except for the Greater Xing an Mountains and the Daqingshan Mountains , most of them are gentle fields. The sky is vast, the sky is vast, the wind blows grass and cattle and sheep are low. The famous savannah Hulunbuir prairie, thousands of miles away, the sky is clear, the breeze passes , the sheep flock like flying clouds, dotted with the scenery, the prairie scenery is extremely beautiful, It s refreshing.

Luohu Noor Tourism Spot is located in the territory of Chenlun Shanggong Banner, Hulunbuir, 61 kilometers from Hailar City. Hulunbuir Grassland is a world-famous natural pasture. Huhnoor can be called the representative of Hulunbuir grassland scenery. The mighty grassland embraces the glorious Huhnoor Lake. The green grasslands are like blankets, the flowers are lush, and the yurts are like white sails in the green sea. The activities on the tourist spots are colorful. Passengers can wear national costumes, ride on horses, run on bactrian camels, or roam in the original Lele car. Visitors can also row a boat for fishing in Hohnoor Lake, or carry a shotgun to hunt in the nearby forest grass. The tourist spot prepares flavored foods with local characteristics such as hand-steak meat, roasted leg of lamb, lamb mutton, milk, and so on. There are also tourist souvenir shops for tourists.

Transportation   Transportation: To Hulunbuir Prairie, first to Hailar City, from Beijing, Harbin, Hohhot, Baotou there are trains to Hailar; Beijing and Hohhot also have direct flights to Beijing. From Hailar there is a tourist bus to the grassland, an hour s drive.

Accommodation   Accommodation: Only one hour s drive from the steppe to Hailar, you can stay in Hailar (recommended: Hulunbuir Hotel, phone: 0470—8222212), or you can feel the authentic steppe style in the tent provided by herders on the steppe.

Activities   activities: to the Hulunbuir grassland, riding is indispensable, riding a horse feel temple, wild, wind and grass low cattle and sheep attractive picture.

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