Jiaren River Wetland Hot Spring Resort

Jialun River Wetland Hot Spring Resort is invested and established by Wuhan Yuancheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. It is located at the junction of Wujiashan and Xiaogan in Dongxihu District, beside the Renhe Bridge. It is only 21 kilometers from the center of Xiaogan and 38 kilometers from the center of Wuhan.. The first phase covers an area of ​​1750 acres and is a large-scale comprehensive resort integrating SPA (spa), tourism, entertainment, leisure, and vacation. With more than 80 special hot spring pools, it can provide 4,000 people with leisure treatments at the same time.

The resort also has a large ecological parking lot, which can accommodate 800 cars at the same time. At the same time, it has a multifunctional conference center, a four-star hotel, and various flavor restaurants. It will be your best choice for tourism and leisure, academic exchange, business negotiation, and friends gathering.

Culture characteristics: Jiaren River Wetland Hot Spring Resort is praised by experts as a thousand-year undeveloped wetland hot spring mecca. The wetland is known as the kidney of the earth. The original site of Jiarenhe Hot Spring is a wetland with rich surface hot spring resources. Although it has been developed into a hot spring resort, it still has a large area of ​​original wetlands in the surrounding area. The ecological environment First class.

The quality of the spring: the temperature of the water is above 65 ℃, the water volume is 20,000 cubic meters at sunrise. The spring water is rich in sulfur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals. It is a rare high-quality hot spring.

Efficacy: In the spring water, the precious Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng and angelica are blended, as well as jasmine, rose, lily and other unique mineral baths and special feeding baths, which are very suitable for various groups of health, beauty, and fitness.

Self-driving route: Whether you are starting from Hankou, Wuchang, or Hanyang, you can take the Aviation Road Interchange and follow the Jiefang Avenue to the Wujiashan Toll Station in Dongxihu District. After passing the toll station, drive along the National Road 107 for about 26 kilometers to the Jiaren River Wetland Hot Spring Resort.

Self-help tour route: Take the Xiaogan shuttle bus at Fujiapo Coach Station in Wuchang or Xinhua Road Station in Hankou. The fare is 20 yuan / person. Get off at Dongshantou on the way and you can see Jiarenhe Wetland Hot Spring Resort. When returning, there were many cars back to Wuhan on the roadside. The fare is about 10 yuan.

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