Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort

Jilin Beidahu Ski Resort is located in Wulihe Town, Yongji County, Jilin City, 56 kilometers away from the urban area. It is located in the Changbai Mountain Yumai and Songhua Lake Natural Scenic Area. It is an important ski sports base and ski tourism center in China.

The Beibei Lake Ski Resort has a unique natural advantage. The slopes here are gentle and there are very few cliffs. There are 9 peaks above 1200 meters above sea level, and snow days reach about 160 days a year. The depth of snow varies from mountain to mountain, with a maximum thickness of 1.5 meters. The entire Great Lakes slippery area is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It has good wind shelter in winter, and is sometimes almost windless, and the climate is more suitable. Beidahu Ski Resort can meet the requirements of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, high jump skiing, free skiing, Hyundai, and sleds, snowmobiles and other snow project venues. The supporting living conditions also meet the level of international snow competition venues.

The Beibei Lake Ski Resort is a sports and tourism center that integrates competition, training, tourism, fitness and rehabilitation. It has hosted the 8th and 9th Winter Games in China and is a better ski resort in China.

In addition to skiing, the Beidahu Ski Resort does not have many scenic spots to travel by itself, but the fog of Jilin City is known for its spring in winter poetic beauty, together with Guilin scenery, Yunnan Shilin, and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Four wonders of nature in China. Therefore, not only can you ski in Jilin, you can also enjoy the beautiful fog. The haze appears from late November to March and April of the following year, about sixty to seventy times.

Air: The flight from Beijing to Jilin City is about one hour and fifty minutes, and the round-trip ticket is about 1600 yuan. Currently, there are flights to Jilin City in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and flights to Changchun in other major cities;

Railway: Take K271 times (hard sleeper ¥ 274) from Beijing Station at 16:20, and arrive at Jilin City at 7:10 the next day. It takes more than an hour to drive from Jilin City to Beidahu Ski Resort.

Highway: Take a direct bus from Jilin Bus Center to Peking Lake Ski Resort, about 20 yuan, five buses per day, departure time is 6:50, 7:20, 8:10, 12:20, 12:40, in addition , There is also a shuttle bus to the Peking Lake Ski Resort.

2. Accommodation: Athlete Village is a three-star standard, with 111 rooms and more than 200 beds. Beixue Building has 480 beds. It has restaurants, cafes, multi-purpose halls, gyms, etc. The standard room in Beixue Building is 128 yuan / person, the standard room in the athlete village is 180 yuan / person, and the farmhouse in the nearby village is 10 yuan / person (no shower facilities).

4. Snow roads: Beidahu Ski Resort currently has 3 alpine snow roads with a total length of about 8040 and an area of ​​30 hectares. The maximum slope of the snow road is 32 degrees, the minimum slope is 7 degrees, and the average slope is about 15 degrees. It also has a 10-kilometre cross-country cross-country snow track that runs through the forest; there are one standard professional W90 meter-level platform, W50 meter-level platform, W20 meter-level platform and free-skiing platform; five ski lifts with a total length of 6040 meters, Imported equipment from the United States, divided into two types of double chairlifts and three-person chairlifts, with a transport capacity of 3,300 people / hour, the ropeway leads directly to the top of the mountain and is connected to the ski slopes, which can meet the needs of skiers of different grades, and also for tourism For mountain sightseeing.

At present, the first and second snow roads are open. The No. 1 slope is 904 meters long and 60 meters wide, with a slope of 15 ° in the upper half, a slope of 6 ° in the lower half, and an average slope of 10 °. Although it is a beginner course, it is more suitable for beginners who have a certain skiing foundation to further improve. Of course, there are many Snow Killers walking on Lane 1 every day. They often whistled down with screams and then fell somewhere to create an Avalanche (snowflakes). It is called a killer because such taxiing is not only easy to cause injuries to normal taxiing people, but also to destroy the snowy road.

The No. 2 snow track is 1404 meters long, 40 meters wide, and has an average slope of 25 °. It is an intermediate slide. It is generally open for a short time, and the snow slope is stepped. It often feels leaping in the air during taxiing.

5. Skis: ordinary alpine boards, professional alpine boards, snowboats, ski clothes, tourist ski boots, professional ski boots, snowmobiles, and sleighs, but in the peak season, ordinary alpine boards are often not enough temporarily If you can bring your own skis, this problem will be solved very effectively.

6. Site services: There are professional coaches at the ski resort to provide guests with coaching services at different levels. The medical office of the ski resort can only provide primary medical services, and the larger medical services need to go to the nearby hospital in Tunzi or Jilin City. Beixue Building and Athlete Village also prepared waxing rooms, gyms and other facilities for skiers. At present, there is a fast food restaurant in the ski resort, and the cold fern in the net introduced by the netizens is a must , you should try it.

7. Skiing cycle: The snowfall period is from late October to early April of each year. The effective skiing period is about 140 days from mid-November.

Using chairlift 15 yuan / person / time 60 yuan / person / half day (limited to a designated ropeway) 110 yuan / person / all day (limited to a designated ropeway)

Skiing: Because the temperature of Beida Lake is relatively low, 10: 00-14: 00 is the best time to ski. Before this time, the temperature here is too low because the sun cannot shine on the slopes, so it is not suitable for skiing.

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