Jinan Botanical Garden [Shandong Jinan]

Jinan Botanical Garden is located in the southern urban area of ​​Jinan City, northwest of Qianfoshan, covering an area of ​​750 acres. Jinan Botanical Garden was founded in November 1986, and has begun to take shape in 1989. It was officially opened to the public on September 29. After opening up, construction and perfection will increase tourists every year. According to the instructions of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, tickets were opened to the public on September 26, 1997. The whole park is divided into three areas: the open field plant exhibition area, the greenhouse plant exhibition area, and the introduction and domestication area. The open field plant exhibition area covers an area of ​​450 acres. The principle of combining the internationally advanced Clenquist plant classification system and specialized gardens is used for plants. There are 481 species of nearly 200,000 plants in 95 families. There are 13 specialized gardens including Ma gnolia Garden, Cherry Blossom Peach Garden, Peony Garden, Lilac Garden, Pine Park, Rose Garden, etc., and Japanese Garden, Music Square, and Water World., Small parks and other scenic spots. The entire exhibition area has undulating mountains, undulating water, and pleasant scenery. There are also beautiful scenery such as Foshan reflections, bamboo paths, beautiful flowers, dense shades, and snow and plum visits. The greenhouse plant exhibition area covers an area of ​​48.5 acres, which is divided into ornamental greenhouse area and bonsai garden exhibition area. The ornamental greenhouse is composed of three triangular frame glass buildings with an area of ​​26,000 square meters and the highest point being 27.6 meters, which is currently the highest in Asia. The interior adopts a natural layout, with creeks and meandering paths, various rare plants scattered, forming a realistic tropical and subtropical landscape. The bonsai garden exhibition area covers an area of ​​1,2 40 square meters, with nearly a thousand pots of precious rock and stump bonsai, strolling among them, changing the scenery step by step, gaining the meaning of the horizon within a short distance, making people feel refreshed. The introduction and domestication area covers an area of ​​more more than 40 acres, including three production greenhouses with a total area of ​​1,300 square meters, a cold room with an area of ​​200 square meters, and an shade of 800 square meters. Jinan Botanical Garden is centered on scientific research and popular science. It combines scientific research, popular science and tourism to highlight the scientific and regional climate characteristics. It is a botanical garden with beautiful environment, scientific content and rich variety. Now has 906 species of 116 families of cultivated plants , and constantly introduces varieties to expand the germplasm bank.

Block You can reach the botanical garden by taking buses 66, 51, 48, 302, 34, 2 and 43. The best season for tourism is spring and autumn.

Spring, summer, and autumn are suitable for visiting the botanical garden. The seasons are different and the scenery is different, but each has its own style. There is a greenhouse in the park, and you can go to the water park in summer. It s free throughout the year and you can explore as much as you like.

The most beautiful time is spring-welcome spring, dried plum, magnolia, cherry blossom, peach blossom, peony, rose and other openings, where the sea of ​​flowers and the world of flowers make people forget to return. Followed by the summer -Jinan s city flower Lotus bloomed, the delicate petals, making people doubtful.

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